What does take to be a manga artist ?

Are you looking for tips on how to get started as a comic/manga artist? Maybe you're looking for feedback on works you've already created. Then this is the forum for you! (Note: Ported from Gomanga.com)

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What does take to be a manga artist ?

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I know that not everyone can be manga artist. First you need to know how to draw, you need a good story line, last you need to get publish.

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Re: What does take to be a manga artist ?

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Also, you need to work hard at it, be determined, learn how to take criticism, be sociable, make industry friends and contacts, foster a following, invest in tools and equipment, master your tools, have stamina, make deadlines, commit to those deadlines, research your stories, research the medium, work hard, learn to market yourself, learn the history of comics, have an idea of why things are as they are, have an opinion on the future, have an idea on how to change things, know your bad work habits, maintain your passion, be patient, work hard, know your weaknesses, know your strengths, improve yourself constantly, develop a unique take on story and art, work hard, learn from others, learn to communicate your ideas, take away any distractions, know when to distract yourself, know when to take a break, push yourself, keep up the energy, do all this for years without end, pull the occasional all-nighter, feed your imagination, learn where to look for inspiration, work without inspiration, know how to edit your stories, kill your darlings, work hard, grasp the power of language, understand style, evolve style, learn the industry, know without doubt that you absolutely and unequivocally want to be a manga artist, and have fun.

I might have missed a thing or two.