Aoi House Vol. 1 to Portugal...

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Aoi House Vol. 1 to Portugal...

Post by Nelzon »

Hello all!

I really want to buy Aoi House Vol.1
I'm from Portugal and I can't really find any cheap book that I can buy on the Internet.

Can anyone help me?
I reaaaaaaaaaaaly want this book!

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Re: Aoi House Vol. 1 to Portugal...

Post by Adam_Arnold »

Book Depository has free shipping to most places in the world (including Portugal). They have both Aoi House omnibus (i.e. the whole series) and the first volume of our new series Vampire Cheerleaders: ... 1933164731 ... 1934876268 ... 1934876848

As for the individual Aoi House Vol. 1, that particular volume has been out of print for a while in favor of the cheaper omnibus editions.