Aoi House Spin-Offs That Never Were

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Aoi House Spin-Offs That Never Were

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Introduced in Aoi House In Love! Vol. 1 (collected in Aoi House Omnibus Collection 2), the consensus from fans and my editor was that the cast of Uri House—the yuri-loving rival anime club to Aoi House—should get their own spin-off manga. The book would’ve been a single volume (a one-shot) with the story centering on either:
A.) how the club first formed, or
B.) have featured the gang in some stand-alone adventures.

For years, Shiei (the artist of Aoi House) has been drawing some original ninja-based characters that she came up with, but hasn’t been able to fit them into an overall story. For Aoi House In Love! Vol. 1, I thought it would be fun to show what a possible Blade and Roadkill series might look like during one of the convention video room segments. ... i&page=340 ... i&page=341 ... i&page=342

Shortly after starting work on Aoi House Vol. 1, I pitched a time travel-based comedy series about three girls that go to various periods in history. It would’ve had a smart girl named Natalie, her popular best friend Bethany, and geisha-in-training they would’ve saved named Hanako. In a nutshell, it would’ve been Totally Spies meets Tsubasa with the same supporting cast members (i.e. teachers, parents, siblings, neighbors, etc) showing up again and again in different roles.
There is a Time Gals cameo during the final chapter of Aoi House In Love! Vol. 1: ... i&page=430

While I didn’t have any interest in doing an Uri House spin-off, I did jokingly say that it’d be fun to do more stories with Echiboo as “double-O boo” like the one in Aoi House In Love! Vol. 2: ... i&page=543

A cross between Blake Edward’s The Great Race, Around the World in 80 Days, The Chipmunk Adventure, and Wacky Races, this Aoi House prelude would’ve been set in the 80s and shown how Elle’s parents first met. The basic set-up was that Elle’s mother and father would’ve been rivals in a globe-spanning race and that would’ve been forced to work together in order to defeat a Dirk Dastardly-type bad guy and win the race. The series fell through the cracks when the country-trotting 10 Beautiful Assassins was greenlit.
The balloon race on the final page of episode 14 in Aoi House In Love! Vol. 2 is a reference to this failed prelude: ... i&page=542

To be fair, there was never any real intention to do an “Aoi House 2.” The teaser at the end of Aoi House In Love! Vol. 2 was really just a way to show the possibility of what a sequel might look like without actually doing one. That said, I did toss out a proposal that allowed for a new fan-minded creative team to come onboard to continue the Aoi House franchise beyond where Shiei and I left it in much the same way that reality shows like Big Brother and The Real World constantly reinvent themselves each new season.
There were also two concepts given:
A.) Have a new writer and artist pick up with the new "Aoi House 2" cast (from Aoi House In Love! Vol. 2) and follow them on their own set of adventures. The series would involve a lone gay male being thrust into a version of Aoi House with six yaoi girls that all fall in love with him and the problems that causes. Familiar faces like Oniisan and Dean Perkins would be included in the cast.
B.) Have a new comedy-minded writer and artist give their take on the franchise by doing a "The Next Generation"-style relaunch with an all-new cast and setting. Think along the lines of what Final Fantasy does with each new game, or how Gundam and Star Trek start fresh each new series.
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I actually find the idea of Aoi House 2-A very interesting. It would be different because the male is gay, but all the females fall in love with him...but it probably won't ever happen huh?