Before Aoi House - The "Princess Fandom" Proposal

Follow the trials and tribulations of two down-on-their-luck college guys who join an anime club dominated by crazed yaoi fangirls! (Archived forum section.)

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Before Aoi House - The "Princess Fandom" Proposal

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Before Aoi House became, well, Aoi House, the series was originally pitched as a shoujo love story with "Great Otaku Kate" and "Princess Fandom" as tentative titles. It's really bizarre to look at this proposal now as it's so different from what Aoi House ended up becoming. It's also worth pointing out that this proposal was first written in late September 2004 and was conceived before Dramacon and Genshiken ever graced the market, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Anyway, enjoy this look at what might've been had Seven Seas not asked for something more harem-y.
Princess Fandom

Adam Arnold

Kate Summers is destined for great things. She is a natural born leader able to juggle her studies along with her duties as the director of a local anime club and the up-keep of a popular web comic/blog entitled Shoujo Paradise.

Really the only thing holding her back is her relationship with her boyfriend, Michael. But is she truly meant to be with him? The upcoming summer anime convention, Reicon, might just prove to be their relationship’s breaking point--especially now that Kate and her deaf best friend, Sanae Aikido, are spending even more time together working on their entry to an upcoming manga contest that could just land them their own series.

Set in the same vein as such industry-mocking titles as Animation Runner Kurumi and Comic Party, Princess Fandom is a shoujo comedy with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure that aims to spoof all the things that make North American anime fandom so great--namely anime clubs, conventions and websites. Plus, since Kate and Sanae will be crafting their own web comics and a full-scale contest entry within the series, readers will get a chance to read the pains of the character's labor!