Somebody help me?!?!

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Somebody help me?!?!

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:shruuug: OK...So one of my friends got me into to manga and so far I haven't been able to get out of it. Not that I want to its just that I dont know alot about it and all. :cry: ....So far I have read Hollow Fields (1 only)...Like 5 of the Tail of the Moon (I love Usagi) :luv: and I have read Vampire Kisses (1 only) I want to know more and read more but I dont get out alot and if you are going to reply to this please dont reply in a rude manner I cant help these things lol but I really dont know what I am asking for but just a lil' information on some kewl manga... well got to sail TOODLES :sseas: [/b]

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Give Aoi House and Amazing Agent Luna a try:

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Adam Arnold wrote:Give Aoi House and Amazing Agent Luna a try:
Aoi house is good if you want to laugh...REALLY good
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or nya, yeah nya works too ^v^