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If you only count sequential art for Amazing Agent Luna and Aoi House, then she's around 1200 pages already.

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ok heres a great one how do you go about drawing a back view and 3/4 back side view of the head thats always giving me trouble

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[color=darkred][quote]For American comic books... yes, you do use those large 11â€
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shiei wrote:
DTSX wrote:Hey Adam, can you ask Shiei how she draws the eyes the same every time? I mean, the hardest thing to do for me is to draw the same eye. I thought about using photoshop to copy and flip a picture around, but that won't work since I don't have a scanner... Please help me.

:happyhappy: here are the basic steps i do to make a page.....before scanning them to photoshop :3


eheh.....^_^ that's about it....
I give my praise to your artwork, that is awesome.