What kind of Aoi House character do you think you are?

Follow the trials and tribulations of two down-on-their-luck college guys who join an anime club dominated by crazed yaoi fangirls! (Archived forum section.)

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bishi of flame
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i would be like a sknny emo sandy -.-
oh well, at least thats kinda cute lol.
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Dragon's Assistant wrote:I think I'm a bit of a mix of Alex and, oddly enough, Maria.
Relaxed, nice, and quite...mostly.
So you're their lovechild? O_o?????

bishi of flame
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I am morgan ^__^
Smells like children!

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alex because im into anime but not an otaku about it. not to mention the awkward situations i get myself into alot

Arcane Projects
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I'd say I'm, strangely enough, a mix of Alex and Maria. I'm on the shyer side, but I usually keep a level head, most of the time.

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MORGAN! Even though im a guy. xD Well i love candy, i overload my coffee with sugar. And maybe im a bit hyper sometimes. >.>
And maybe im a bit like Alex also.

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For I have the Long Hair of Allure (+3 if your a real nerd). The girls melt for me if they aren't envious.

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Alex• Me and him are much alike.

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i am probably Nina...and it's kinda funny cause my name is Alex and i'm quite the oppisite of him...and i am a guy heh