Aoi House: The Music Video

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Which version did you watch?

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I like it... but as swordmans826 said... I prefer Action Animes... But I like to watch Harem Mangas/Animes once in a while xD...

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Swordsman826 wrote:Hey I have a question about the music video. I already have the song downloaded onto my mp3 player, but is it possible to download the Music Video onto a Video iPod? It would be cool to watch the video on the go but if not, then oh well, I alread got the song.
I have both a PSP and iPod version of the flash saved as .mp4 files, but it's unclear if we'll release them due to the size of the files. At 15 mb each (double the flash), there are bandwidth usage concerns to take into account. I am open to uploading them elsewhere and linking them on the forum, though.
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