Aoi House - All or Nothing

Follow the trials and tribulations of two down-on-their-luck college guys who join an anime club dominated by crazed yaoi fangirls! (Archived forum section.)

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Aoi House - All or Nothing

Post by fanguy-13 »

I used to read Aoi House until you discontinued it. Recently I read that it came back. The first comic I come back to is "All or Nothing 1" and the latest comic with Morgan making a sweater for Alex is very cute. What's next? Sneak in and clean Alex's room as in Urban Cowboy. You got my vote.

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Re: All or Nothing

Post by Ravenhull »

Just to let you know, the Aoi House page is all classic stuff that was already available in print and e-book, and I don't think Adam plans on new content when that ends.

That said, Vampire Cheerleaders and Paranormal Mystery Squad are in the same universe. Elle makes a cameo in VC vol 2 and Stephane Kane, the lead of PMS was actually introduced at the end of the Aoi House.

As a regular around here, welcome aboard and hope to see you around. :-bd
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Re: Aoi House - All or Nothing

Post by Adam_Arnold »

I'd like to tell at least one more Aoi House story at some point. A "lost chapter," if you will.

When/where that would appear is anyone's guess at this point.