Der Neue Professor

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Der Neue Professor

Post by homeslice »

Ok I admit, I have no idea who this is. Is this a reference of some sort?

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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by Azrael »

Professor Foglio, perhaps? :-?? History suggests it's based on someone Holly knows.
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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by TBeholder »

Also... that's not disguised Dante as half-expected. Huh.
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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by HollyG »

you'd know if you were part of the Kickstarter :P

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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by Tenjen »

Damn i like this guys swagger
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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by SherbertTCat »

When I read this new professor's dialog. In my head I hear Udo Kier.

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Re: Der Neue Professor

Post by Don Alexander »

Und dannnn werrrden wirrrr all diese Unterrrrmenschen von derrr Weltkarrrrrte fegen...


I hope he's not filled with sand.
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