School Bites Kick Start my Heart!

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School Bites Kick Start my Heart!

Postby Radbaron » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:34 pm

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Re: School Bites Kick Start my Heart!

Postby HollyG » Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:19 pm

Thank You!!!
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Re: School Bites Kick Start my Heart!

Postby Ravenhull » Wed May 22, 2013 4:12 pm

Well, I just got my bundle. complete with Cherri making a mean face at me in the front cover... ;)
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Re: School Bites Kick Start my Heart!

Postby enjoytiger » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:37 pm

Very good these comics, I also recommend the DC Comics although that also and are very popular DC Comics is an American comic book publisher. It is part of DC Entertainment, one of the companies that make Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, which in turn is owned by Time Warner. It was founded in 1934 under the name "National Allied Publications," then take the name of DC Comics in 1937. The initials "DC" is an abbreviation for Detective Comics, one of the first flagship titles of the company. Among some of his most iconic characters are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and groups of heroes like Justice League and Teen Titans. Material unrelated to his heroic universe includes Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The Sandman and many others, usually under sub-imprints like Vertigo or Milestone Media. Its headquarters was located historically in the city of New York, but since 2015 moved its offices to the city of Burbank, California. National Allied Publications publisher, Malcolm Wheeler belonging to Major-Nicholson made his publishing debut with a tabloid size magazine called The Big Comic Magazine, cover dated February 1935. From the second title of publisher, New Comics (December 1935) publications began to have a closer size that would be used in the so-called Golden Age of the American cartoon, a slightly larger current magazines to comics.
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