Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by Valkog » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:07 am

Do it and I'm reporting you to the UN for war crimes.
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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by msaturn » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:52 am

Trolling is angering people for fun.

Calling out the comic for tripling down on racial/cultural stereotypes for no reason is, you know, a thing a decent person does.

But hey, keep making me your bogeyman. I think the real monster here is pretending unironic stereotypes and overt bigotry are humor.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by msaturn » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:54 am

Furthermore, it is DELICIOUS you are reporting me for taking issue with racism and those who gleefully support it. Oh, it is TASTY.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by dmra » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:07 am

Not for "taking issue with racism" but for the insulting way you did it. "Please, Rosa, suck the dick of the overtly bigoted writer. We're all waiting."

And for what it's worth artists can show racists or racist stereotypes without themselves being racist. Or do you think the writers and directors of films like "American History X" were racists?

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by Vitocap » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:33 pm

Fairy Glade's Fairy wrote:
Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:59 am
I know how to show the forum our trust & support of Dave!
I know exactly what we need...
we need a really, really, REALLY big banner that reads: "DAVE MIT UNS!" :D
I'm almost tempted to say "Go for it!" just for the laughs. Image

But, really, there's no need. Look at http://www.dangerouslychloe.com/ and you'll see this at the top of the webpage: "Creators: Gisèle Lagacé & Dave Lumsdon." Look at any given strip and you'll find that the written credits at the bottom include: "©2018 G.Lagacé & D. Lumsdon." All of the EC/MC/DC 'verse is the brainchild of both Gisèle and Dave, and, when you declare for Giz in your banner, you encompass everything -- including this here webcomic by Dave and Jason, Dangerously Chloe. :YMPEACE:
We, the old ghosts of Pizen Bluff, who still roam about this dead forum screaming imprecations at the characters and whatnot.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 2-04-18 Your Big Secret

Post by LegendaryKroc » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:44 am

Vitocap wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:25 pm
Rosa wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:03 pm
dmra wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:15 pm
I have no idea who msaturn is, I've never written a word to them and don't have any intention of doing so. If they were banned form the forum I wouldn't miss them or shed a single tear.
And yet I didn't see you rush to my defense when I was insulted...

You know what it is that I find, to quote FGF, pricelessly amusing?

We have so many people in this forum who pose as experts on trolling. We have so many people who jump on every chance to speechify about the differences between trolling and acceptable fault-finding, and will prattle on at great length to defend their endless condemnation of Dave's work as a perfectly legitimate expression of fandom.

And yet, the one time that a gross, disgusting, absolutely indefensible in-yer-face screaming troll rears his ugly head and insults Dave (and his fans) in a way that not even old Gorgias himself could vindicate, none of our resident experts in trolldom can find in themselves the resolve to utter a single word of censure.

The first offensive message by @msaturn was on the forum for twelve hours before FGF made a point of noticing it. Where were these worthies during this time? What were they doing? How come there wasn't even one reply denouncing @msaturn and calling him by the well-earned name of troll?

As a matter of fact, even after FGF raised the alarm, there wasn't any rush to chastise the nasty fellow. Instead of that, we got a flurry of replies attacking FGF, lambasting her for all sorts of vague and nebulous failings and shortcomings. The blatant troll @msaturn only received, almost as an afterthought, a few mild, indirect words of reproof -- and that when he wasn't simply overlooked.

And when @msaturn posted a second spurt of insults against Dave and the DC fandom (a message even more rude and offensive than the first) there wasn't even the pretense of a bark. These are the same people who, when someone expresses approval of the recent developments in the comic, fall over one another in their hurry to challenge the happy reader -- and flood the threads with angry tirades bashing the storyline. But here? A barefaced troll rages against Dave, and two days later we are still waiting for their reaction.

This state of things should be rightly called sad... except it's not, not anymore. The haters in the forum have pushed their contortion act to such a point of ridicule that it's impossible not to be amused by them.

I'm beginning to be of the opinion that we, the loyal fans who remain in the forum, should adopt a new policy when dealing with this crowd: don't try anymore to reason or teach or explain -- simply laugh at them and ignore them, with the confidence of knowing that Dave will continue writing the comic we love and enjoy just the way we love and enjoy it. :YMPEACE:
Well, you know what I find pricelessly amusing?

That you guys continue to peddle this narrative of anyone who's not happy with the way things are going in this comic as being Debby Downers who have no ambition except to lower the tone and the mood of these forums. That you dance around ever directly mentioning or citing comments proving your accusations against us of hating and being out to destroy these comics and the people who make them, even as you spam smilies and laugh real snarky at us as if our opinions are somehow less valid than yours for not agreeing with this or that aspect of any given strip. That you treat fandom as placing a creator's work on a pedestal and vigorously shielding it from anything approaching a negative take - even though a cursory visit to any fanfiction site will tell you that there are plenty of fans who disagree with creators about what would constitute a clever plot development, a cute relationship or a satisfactory resolution to an arc.

Actually, I don't find those things amusing at all. I find them tearing-my-hair-out frustrating. ~X( And you know why?

Because I read all your posts carefully, Vitocap. And Rosa's. And Fairy Glade's Fairy's. And each time, I try my hardest to reserve judgement until I've read all the way through. You know why? Because it's not beneath my dignity to read comments from people who disagree with me or hear opinions that go against my own.

But what you're suggesting to your friends basically reads like, "From now on, let's dismiss everything these people say out of hand and not try to listen to them. Let's wrap ourselves up in a cocoon of insular conformity and not entertain the notion that this comic could ever be bad, or the people who make it could ever be wrong. I mean, look at them not responding to that one obvious troll, they must be in league with him." And that's just too far. You may not like what I have to say, but I refuse to take lying down such aspersions cast on my character.

Did you ever think maybe there are things about this comic we actually do like when they're done well? That there are characters and plotlines that genuinely made me laugh, for one, even if more recent ones didn't or don't? That maybe other users trusted you to know the difference between us and msaturn, a flawed assumption obviously, and that ignoring a troll is one of the most common recommended ways on the Internet of dealing with them, y'know, the old "don't feed the trolls" chestnut? Or are you ignoring everything I type even now because you've categorised me away as an embittered cynic who can only be happy when other people are sad?
Fluffy wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:32 pm
2) We're not your bodyguards; thus, not obligated to come to your defense. It is up to you - and you alone - to report anyone who abuses/harasses you. If a moderator cannot get to your issue asap - instead of playing the helpless victim, praising the one person who came to your rescue while shaming/insulting those who didn't want to bother feeding an obvious troll (yes, Rosa - I saw your long rant before you edited it - even have a copy of it on hand), try adding the offending party to your foes list if they offend you that much.
I arrived too late to see it. Could I have a copy?

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