Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by FuzzyFace » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:18 pm

Dorgengoa wrote:Okay, so just to make sure I'm understanding these past few strips:

Dad shows up to check in on his kids. Pandora instantly seduces and marries him. Chloe and Teddy have to pretend they're each other for the moment, due to shenanigans. Chloe is now offering to let Teddy's dad have sex with him, based on his new wife's suggestion that they have a three-way with his son's girlfriend.

This is a lot to take in, and I'm not sure why it's happening.
Because the writer saw the opportunity for humor and forgot about character integrity. Sadly, we saw that a lot in a number of recent mini-episodes as well.

Writing a consistently funny story that readers care about can be challenging, and it can be really tempting to go for the easy laugh, not thinking about the future. We're seeing this kind of pushback because a lot of us seriously care about the strip - because we are invested in the characters. When the writer abuses them in ways that seem to undermine the story, we get upset and say so. In a story that was written in full and edited before publication, the readers never see this kind of error, as the editor catches it and makes the writer go back and fix it. That's harder when you are trying to write and publish something twice a week.

Some years ago, I wrote a story online, with new chapters going up a few times a week. I made similar errors. In a few cases, my readers came down hard on me and demanded that I fix what I had written. In at least one case, they told me to trash an entire chapter. I didn't really want to, as I had put a fair bit of time into it, and I wasn't making any money on it, but I did. And it turned out that they were correct, and the new chapters which replaced it were much better, and advanced the story. It might be presumptuous to ask, but I think most of us would be happier if the strip's creators were to vanish this page and rethink what they are trying accomplish.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by edisnooM » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:26 pm

I agree with what others have pointed out that it does sort of beggar belief that Chloe would be completely ignorant to societal norms and taboos. I mean Chloe has mentioned (albeit in her dream of living with Teddy) about tempting adulterers, so she clearly has some concept of cheating and being unfaithful in a human sense. She said no wonder Teddy was going to hell when she thought Abby and him were in a relationship, so she has some idea of sexual taboos. And while not Chloe herself the seargent (whose name escapes me) said she would turn into Teddy's sister, clearly with the intent of traumatizing so succubi do seem to have some concept of incest and how humans view it.

Also is it just me or is Chloe kind of acting like a jerk here, and kind of different from last time she impersonated Teddy? The textbox gives the impression that this is supposed to be an honest genuine attempt to fill in for Teddy, but if so her impression seems kind of off. Maybe after all that's happened this is how she views Teddy? Of note was the "one of them" line. In the end maybe this will lead to the two of them having a frank (if possibly heated) discussion which may help clear they air.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Fereshte » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:47 pm

I took this differently from everyone else. I don't see this as Chloe being ignorant of jealousy or human behavior, but thinking that fathers would be proud of their son who uses and (somewhat) abuses a beautiful woman. Like she thinks Teddy's father would be proud to see that Teddy is such a man that he snagged a beautiful woman who will do whatever he wants, let's him have other women, and who can lend her out like an object. This says more about how Chloe perceives the sexism in human culture rather than an ignorance of jealousy or possessiveness. Chloe is trying to be a man's man for Teddy's father. If Teddy's father is a misogynistic woman chaser, he's going to love this interpretation of Teddy. If he's a decent guy, he's going to be outraged.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Varanus » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:22 pm

Even if that made sense (and I am far from sure it does), Chloe should know Teddy well enough by now to know he would never act like this or want this.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by BlairFan » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:24 pm

Re the last panel: I think BOTH Chloe and Pandora should have done some previous research. :-?

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Fereshte » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:54 pm

I think she's thinking less about what Teddy likes/wants and more about how she can make Teddy "look good" in front of his father. She's thinking about what his father wants. Granted, she's probably well off base (I hope. I'd hate to see Teddy's father fall into the stereotype of sexist man who views women only as sexual objects, but I'm also not sure we'll get the kind of depth of character that sits his son down and explains how women are equal and human in this comic). She might be thinking Teddy would put on a front for his father, because realistically, lots of kids do. I personally don't think this reflects how she views Teddy or his wants in a relationship. I think she thinks she's making him look good, so she's trying to be nice and helpful. It's a swing and a miss, of course.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by 'J' » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:12 pm

Is there any particular reason Teddy can't sit his father down and explain that he got himself caught up in some bizarre supernatural bullshit? Because that sort of thing starts sounding a hell of a lot less insane when you've got a pair of actual factual daemons on hand to demonstrate the reality of the situation.

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Tako » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:31 pm

Angels are right. Demons can't do good even if they try. Just send them all back to Tartarus. Let Teddy try something on his own in order to save his own soul. Even with his brain malfunctioning due to the Chloe's blood (no way he would go for that "bang every boy in school in the home that one of them is a one-every-1,000-years mythical hero able to survive sex with a virgin Succubus" plan if he were thinking clearly), he still would have better chances of saving himself that with Chloe's "help"...

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by TwoWayStar » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:13 pm

Thsi is heading almost directly toward squick territory..nothing will happen but the suggestion and the weird way chloe is acting and pandora marrying teddys FATHER and good lord abby already wasnt super sharp but it seems like theyve made her dumber to match that silly angel. i dont know im just a little skeeved out ever since last strip and it only increased with this one

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Suntiger » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:30 pm

Makes perfect sense to me! =)) =)) =))

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Re: Dangerously Chloe 13-04-17 Father Son Relationships

Post by Don Alexander » Sun May 07, 2017 8:27 pm

Man, Lance must have been bludgeoned in the head by a brick wrapped in succubus hearts to be so unperturbed by the whole situation...
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