Eerie Cuties 17-12-12 Time for crawlies

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Re: Eerie Cuties 17-12-12 Time for crawlies

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TBeholder wrote:
Storm-forge mystique wrote:Dude... no one believes you. No one.
Could you please occasionally try speaking only for yourself and those who delegated this to you? Or do you believe the black cold emptiness starts where your hivemind ends?
Funny, you seem to have given me an example of why it's best to call out those I expect recognize such things as claiming that two people who are plainly out of their own pilot's seats "don't look tormented" rather than give them the benefit of the doubt, lest they a board away become snipers using the very vacuousness of their abandoned nonsense as ammunition.

Regardless, I can see that apparently some do believe Hurbster's contention that his objection all along was the component he didn't even mention until he was called out on his original complaint, which was, I suppose, a very impressive typo. Well, all I can say to that is that they shouldn't.

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Re: Eerie Cuties 17-12-12 Time for crawlies

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You know what? How about we drop the damn subject, lest we get another series of stupid arguments? How about we do that instead?

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Re: Eerie Cuties 17-12-12 Time for crawlies

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Impossible. No direct accusation of demagogy can stand... (looks two messages up) ...un-dodged. ;)

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Re: Eerie Cuties 17-12-12 Time for crawlies

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Artemisia wrote:Non-Venemous :p
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