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I'm not sure if the EC story is gonna be made, but the two choices of 'meeting the sisters' and 'seeing Nina and Dusky go on a date' would be interesting (I've always kinda liked those characters.

Gotta say though, it makes me feel really bad for Ace. I don't think he's been allowed to have/hold onto a single good moment in the whole EC/MC/DC universe. 

First he is tackled and constantly followed and annoyed by someone when he just wants to be left alone. Not to mention he lost out on breaking the school track record because of said person.

Then he is humiliated by having to give a message to Kade infront of the entire school because he was once again annoyed into it.

After that his frustration leads him to snap at Nina which makes her cry, causing him to be threatened into apologizing to her by her older sister. He does apologize and is rewarded for his efforts by having to wear an "I heart Kade" shirt, yet again causing him to be greatly humiliated infront of the whole school.

He is turned into a girl by a pervy possessed doll and hit on by the biggest perv in school (Kade). Afterwords he is blamed for this by Layla. Then once he is turned back he is immediately treated poorly by her again.

Gets a girlfriend and has to put up with a jealous Nina.

Is blackmailed into pretending to be Kade for Layla at the threat of ruining his relationship. Then tossed away immediately when Layla decides she likes this new vampire. Tossed into a trashcan no less!

He is constantly talked bad about by both Deo and Layla for being a member of his werewolf race. Something he had NO control over.

Is made to look more older, mature and taller which attracts girls to him only to have that stripped away by the very same demon who gave it to him to begin with. Yet again because of Nina.

Is tricked into going on a date with Nina. All the while being insulted by Layla and threatened by Deo.

Then has his date (who it seems he (MAY?) reciprocate her feelings a little by this point) go berserk on him.

He then gets possessed and has to share a body with Blair when his doll body is destroyed. On top of that he is blamed for said dolls actions EVEN when others are well aware of what's going on and who is responsible.

Finds out through the evil queen Lamia he is somehow a pawn in the ancient deciesed queens plans (bonus! It is never explained to him (or us for that matter) exactly how he fits into those plans, only that he is essential).

Then, in a journey to the center of Laylas mind, we find out that she use's (subconsiously, I know) Ace's likeness as a means to represent her [Laya's] insecurities or lack of self confodense or something along those lines. This really helped make her my least favorite character (my god she can be the most heartless sometimes).

And the last we've seen of him so far he has once again turned back into a girl just so he can get into all kinds of sexy party shenanigans with Kade and Deo, the two pervertiest guys in school. With Deo even despising him as a boy and showing him no respect even as a girl as he gets extra pervy with him/her.

I'm mean I don't mind a character who gets the short end of the stick once in a while for comedy purposes, but damn. This goes right into chew toy and kick the puppy territory (no pun intend) and is just unnessissarily cruel.

Now it seems that Nina would give up on him in favor of someone else at the drop of a dime. I really like his character a lot in the story and hope he gets/got to find some happiness somepoint as well as being able to hold onto it. And hopefully he was able to get far, FAR away from those people that he interacts with in the story.

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