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Bronze Jardin

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 5:19 pm
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Rock, Paper & Scissors
Guinevere walked to school, a long walk that gave her time to think, still a bit chilly in the morning thou. She opened the gate to the school grounds, walked down the path then she stopped to watch three boys, one with bug antennae, another with poodle ears, and the last with big set of canines and wonky smile playing rock-paper-scissors. Two rocks and one scissors, she noticed bug boy got the scissors, she wondered why they playing that game then two of boys that got rock shoved bug boy towards her direction. Hmmm guess it dare to see if he ask me out or do something stupid.

"Hi m-m-my name is Ig-gig-gy" Bug boy shakily said, and his face turning totally red "Wou-wou ..."

Sigh, a shy fat boy, with that Guinevere reached and gave bug boy a big lip lock kiss and did not let go till he relaxed a bit. That only occurred after he had a nose bleed. She looked over at the other two boys who now wished they been the loser of rock-paper-scissors.

"So start again except this time do not stutter" Guinevere asked.

"Iggy my name, Hi" Ignatius said "So, sorry!" As he tried to be a gentleman and wipe his blood from Guinevere's face.

Guinevere let him be kind and remove his blood from her face "So, Sorry did not sound like Wou-wou" she giggled. "Was that a dare to be a train wreak?"

Ignatius wanted to run but Guinevere still had him grabbed by his coat.

"I be glad to go on a date with you" Guinevere said "You my first friend here at this school, my friends call me Gwen."

Blood rushed to Ignatius head and he passed out, Guinevere slowly lowered him to the ground and cradled his head till he awoke.

Iggy awoke to find he looking up at a beautiful girl with pink locks of hair who accepted a his request for date he not able to fully get out. He could only smile and his two antennae fully taking in the perfume she wearing. He noticed his two friends hovered over him as well.

"Whoa, is he ok?" André asked?

"Well which of you will carry my books and Iggy's books, while I help Iggy to his class?" Gwen asked?

"That would be me" André stated "But should we not take him to Twigitt just to make sure?"

"Nah, she would only say he got bitten by a love bug" Gwen just winked at all three of them "Iggy just got much more bolder, very brave of him to ask me out."

Pop. Pop. Pop. are the sounds of Ojo as he teleported rapidly around us in excitement. Ojo is a puck or pooka or any other numerous names used to described his cryptid kind.

"Iggy got a girl friend, Iggy got a girl friend* Ojo chuckled.

André, Gwen, Iggy and Ojo then headed to their respective first class of the day.

André _______ Gwen _______ Iggy _________ Ojo ________

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 6:20 am
by Cranium
Miskatonic Font not work in forum so I improvised for Arman's Arm. Enjoy!

Bronze Jardin
Bras Diabolique
First class of the day and Gwen still thirty minutes early for class even with the altercation with the boys. She found the room 301 and proceeded into the old school room. She felt as sudden touch and chill went down the back of her spine as she heard a even more demonic sounding voice.

"Ͽưʡƺ ƪʝʢʡƪƺ Ƣʝʁƪ" Arman's arm spoke.

Using her knowledge of martial arts and fearing for her life Gwen applies a joint break lock against the demonic hand, broke one of its fingers and forced Arman Purvis against the black board and used a choke hold on in under one second!

"Ok Pervert you going to wish you not sneak into this school and assault any girls!" Gwen feeling adrenaline swelling thru her body. She again smashed Arman's head against the blackboard while choking him and breaking another finger.

Valiant just got off the freight elevator and now on the 3rd floor heading to his first day of class, room 301 French 101. He noticed a door and heard an altercation occurring, his warriors blood boiled quickly and off he was galloping to the rescue of the poor maiden in distress.

"Fear not my fair maiden, I Valiant am here to put an end to his beastly perversions."

Seeing that the Centaur was to kick the pervert in the chest Gwen released her grasp at the last possible moment.

"Nooooo!" was all that Arman could say before hooves of the mighty centaur sent Arman sprawling across the room. The kick was so mighty that it knocked the wind out of Arman and so he not able to tell the children to stop attacking. It was only the laughter of yet another of the schools students that brought the ruckus to a halt.

"Brahahaha, Snort" Layla was laughing so hard it took all her effort to shout "Sst.. hahaha ... stop ... hahaha ... he is a teacher at this school." Part of Layla wanted to say nothing but Arman was looking mortified at the idea of being assaulted any further.

"He a teacher?" Gwen asked "Teachers should not sneak up on students and touch them without first introductions, I was only defending myself."

"Brahahaha" Layla was laughing so hard she could barely stand "You two are my favorite freshmen this year!"
"Please when at lunch stop by my table in the cafeteria." Layla then called Twigitt on her cell phone "Twigitt Mr. Purvis is badly hurt you need to attend to ... Brahahaha."

"Layla that not funny, is this a joke?" Twigitt voice was heard over the cell phone.

"No joke" Layla said "Two freshmen beat him up ... Brahahaha."

Twigitt hurried up to the third floor and brought a stretcher. Seeing extent of the damage poor Armen suffered she gave him some pain relief. Then triage to find the full extent of damage.

"Two broken fingers, seven broken ribs, bruising of the neck, one concussion, one shattered leg and three broken teeth" Twigitt mused "Normally are freshmen are not of such lethal caliber!"

Gwen felt bad so she approached Mr. Arman wanting to give him her apology, and his hand screeched "Ɲƞʝͽϗƺϑ Ƣʝʁƪ" with two good fingers and a thumb was trying it best to get Arman away from Gwen.

"I think you traumatized Arman's arm" Twigitt seemed mildly amused. At that moment Twigitt cell phone rang and she answered it "Yes principle, you will need to find a substitute teacher for Mr. Purvis at least for a few days while he gets a cast, and teeth worked on ... yes ... yes ... hope rest of first day of school this year is not as eventful as this."

"Well the principle understands the circumstance so you two are not in trouble, wait in the class room till substitute teacher shows up" Twigitt stated and watched Gwen and Valiant go and wait in the class room. Looking at Arman "Looks like first day of class each year you will need a bodyguard ... Brahahaha ... Ahem." As she wheeled him to the freight elevator.

Gwen ________ Valiant

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 7:37 pm
by Cranium
I have no knowledge of French so I used a translator, been told to not rely on google translator but figure I use it till someone corrects what I posted here.

Bronze Jardin
Visage Céleste
Gwen slowly watched as the class room started to fill up. It seemed that no matter were Valiant sat he is huge and heavy, he had to weight at least 1,000 lbs. All the students agreed he should sit close to the windows with them open and toward the back of the room so they not have to try to see around him.

It was two minutes after start of class that suddenly the air filled with music and song but it not come from any speakers, but from motes of light gathering at the teachers podium. Then suddenly the column of light came right thru the opaque ceiling like it was glass, and a heavenly visage of beauty formed from the silhouette of light. The entire class was in awe of substitute teachers dramatic entrance.

"Bonjour!" the teacher spoke "Allow me to introduce myself, Je suis votre instituteur Mlle Chantal D'Or."

Ojo who did not do well last year in French and required to take class again, then spoke "What kind of cryptid are you that you can pass thru solid objects like light filters thru glass?"

"Ah, I am a Muse!" Chantal D'Or stated then added "More accurately I am child of Muse and human paramour."

Valiant watched as Chantal D'Or wrote on the black board the classes homework.

"Now we are all going to enjoy the morning by roller skating to the Bronze Jardin" Chantal D'Or told the class "So roller skates on."

To the classes surprise everyone had a roller skates to wear.

"No Way!" Valiant exclaimed "Hooves are not meant for skating!"

"Au contraire Jimmy le cheval savait patiner" Chantal D'Or as she roller skated to Valiant and pointed down to skates designed just for hooves.

Gwen thought was perhaps it was destiny that got poor Mr. Purvis beaten up by me and Valiant, this French class is already looking promising!

The Mlle Chantal D'Or began to sing with her most enchanting voice, while encouraging class to follow her on skates. And a poster that said to sing along even if you not know the what the words meant.

♫ Venez prendre ma main
♫ Vous devriez me connaître
♫ J'ai toujours été dans votre esprit
♫ Vous savez que je serai genre
♫ Je vais te guide

♫ Grâce à chaque tour, je serai près de chez vous
♫ Je reviendrai quand vous appelez
♫ Je vais vous attraper quand vous tombez
♫ Je vais te guide

♫ Vous devez croire que nous sommes magie
♫ Rien ne peut se dresser sur notre chemin
♫ Vous devez croire que nous sommes magie
♫ Ne laissez pas votre but jamais s'écarter
♫ Et si tous vos espoirs survivre
♫ Votre destin arrivera
♫ Je vais mettre tous vos rêves vivants pour vous

Gwen was glad she and Beryl loved skating, be it on ice or land, but she liken to an Amazon in height and thus not get many partners in figure skating. She also noted that Chantel was singing the song Magic by Olivia Newton John from the movie Xanadu.

The class skated out the school and down the twilight trail to the Bronze Jardin, a private park with many bronze statues dedicated by the prominent families of the school such as the Delacroix and Vallée.

Both Gwen and Ojo showed off skills in skating, Ojo doing so using his rapid teleportation abilities Pop, Pop, Pop and break dancing! And Gwen with a spin and salchow jump.

But the fun and learning came to an end as they all headed back up to the school for other classes. Chantal D'Or stayed close to Valiant to keep him vertical. A smile never left Chantal's face.

Gwen ________ Ojo ________ Valiant _______Chantel D'Or
Use of Image for Chantel D'Or is by permission of Ariochiv IV

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 11:12 am
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Arrr its Captain Spooky
Gwen was glad her second period math class was over, she never really liked math, and that made it doubly so because Professor Taurino Hyades was a minotaur that looked silly as he needed glasses to see. Rumor day one of class stated that Professor Taurino Hyades resided in labyrinth of tunnels under the school. The teachers here other then Ms. Twigitt are more monstrous then most of the students she mentally noted.

Now to get to her third period class, the one she was looking forward to, physical education. Also no silly school outfit. She decided to wear her magenta colored collection of sports bra, w8fit cuffs, tennis shoes, cute crop top and skort. Gwen noted the other girls dressed very simply a white t-shirt and athletic shorts, other then one having dark crimson skin, and jet black hair, the rest did not looked monstrous at all. Well might as introduce myself.

"Helllooo, my name is Guinevere." Gwen did so while waving her arm in greeting.

"You way too cheerful" Salome the crimson skin oni scoffed "Must be nice to be able to easily fit into human hunter society so easily."

"Haley" Blondie said.

"Kyle" Brunette with glasses said.

Gwen noticed that Haley and Kyle both gave one word answer, not really social butterflies. And both seem to be toadying poor Salome before I introduced myself, those two need some self confidence boost. She chuckled inside.

"Well Haley and Kyle you two must be all the rage with the boys" Gwen smiled as she said that.

Salome did a jaw drop as she knows those two girls as losers, what is Guinevere up to? Before either Haley or Kyle could answer, Jim Beard Sprynter the physical education teacher raised forth from the ground.

"Avast, ye mateys" Jim Beard Sprynter the pirate physical education teacher said "I need you all t' take a lap around t' track as warm up and do so smartly."

As Gwen was heading to the tracks she said "Arrr, wheres you parrot o' pirate?"

"For thy smart mouth you take two laps lassie." Jim Beard Sprynter said to Gwen.

"Aye, aye Captain Spooky" Gwen said, then giggled and proceeded to sprint the full two laps, and by the time Haley and Kyle had finished their lap, she had only a quarter lap to finish her two.

Once Gwen got a wind back, the girls chatted between sets of exercises.

"You should not antagonize Coach Sprynter" Haley said "He once had a vampire run the 40 yard dash with an anchor tied to her ankle."

"It was not a 40 yard dash it was a 40 yard drag" Kyle chuckling softly not wanting anyone but present company hearing.

"I can set Haley and Kyle up with two nice boys to date" Gwen offered "You too Salome, but he a centaur."

"I will think about it" Salome said.

"Who would you have ask us out for a date?" Haley asked.

"Was thinking of having you two ask them out!" Gwen smiled.

"It suppose to be the boys that ask out the girls" Kyle said while blushing.

Salome thought Gwen must have a few loose screws in her head, but can see the gears in Gwen brain turning. Definitely not shy "So Gwen is your pink hair natural or dye job?"

"Natural, if I use dyes I tend to get sick, so I not use them" Gwen smiled "How much concealer do you use to hide your skin tone, that is if you not have a natural shape shifting ability?"

"No shape shifting ability, and one concealer stick every four days" Salome stated "An expensive habit, even more if I do not want to cover ninety four percent of my body with clothing."

"So I be letting André and Ojo know you two want to go out with them" Gwen steering back to the original conversation with Haley and Kyle.

"What? No! They are geeks" Haley and Kyle said simultaneously.

"We try to get the attention of the good looking jocks but they want to go out with Layla" Kyle said.

Salome held back a giggle and covered her mouth with one hand. She was glad that Gwen was part of the class cause she keeping the two toadies from fawning over her.

"So you two wallflowers are ashamed of your cryptid heritage?" Gwen asked.

Even Salome did not know what cryptid types those two where and they so shy about it. "Now that you brought it up, what type of cryptid are you Guinevere?"

"I am a mermaid" Gwen smiled "And I figure Salome you have red skin, Asian heritage that you an oni?"

"Yes I am" Salome said "And you have shape shifting ability to walk on two legs, nice."

"Oooo can we see you in your mermaid form?" Haley and Kyle asked?

Salome just glad she no longer going to be pestered by those two, it now Gwen that has their attention. Yeah me!

"Only when you have asked and gone on a date with André and Ojo" Gwen smiled "And you tell me what your cryptid type you are!"

The Haley and Kyle were quiet as the girls finished class and headed to the showers to change cloths.

Once in the showers and feeling more relaxed Haley spoke first "I am a Fomorian, are abilities vary from individual to individual" with that she grew to some 3 meters tall and looking very ugly. "It is the reason I not show anyone who I am."

Salome thought she had it bad, at least I not ashamed of my cryptid heritage.

"I am a Banshee" Kyle said "I see dead people, also know if an event that bring tears, be the tears of great joy or sadness, just a day or two before it happens and have an uncontrollable urge to wail."

Gwen gave both Haley and Kyle a big hug, and Salome joined hugging them as well. And Kyle found her self crying and wailing.

"Well is it joy or sadness that caused you to wail Kyle?" Salome asked.

"Joy" Kyle smiled.

Once the showering and hugging was done, the girls got dressed and it was off and running to the next class.

Gwen ________ Haley_______ Kyle _________ Salome

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 9:11 am
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
The Valkyrie
Valiant and Gwen's first class just before lunch is cryptid history 101 with Miki Futakuchi, first thing that both noticed was the back of her head with a large mouth talking and hair that seemed to have a life of its own.

Gwen had no idea what type of cryptid she is, but definitely something Asian. Seated up with the teacher facing the class looked something right out of a fantasy paintings of some young warrior woman, muscle toned and all. Her sparkling chrome steel scale mail armor hugging her every curve of her exquisite body with the exception of her skirt, which was scale mail as well. To complete the sexy she wore scale mail boots with three inch heal, lightning bolt earrings and her hairstyle included braids and a ponytail.

"Good morning class" Miki Futakuchi "Some of you already know me, but to all who are new students my name is Miki Futakuchi" with that she did roll call of students present.

"Homework Assignment is up on the black board" Ms. Fatakuchi continued "We have a special guest with us today, allow me to introduce you to Abby Jo, are resident Valkyrie!"

"Thank you all for making it to your first day of classes" Abby Jo "I am wearing my ceremonial armor, my real armor is a bit more dented up a just a bit more sturdy, but afraid it not have high heals" Abby Jo laughed as she showed cased her beautiful chrome scale mail high heal boots.

The class room was packed as a Valkyrie appearance at school was a very rare event, even more senior students were present. All of the class room applauded at the since of humor displayed by Abby Jo.

"As one of your school mates found out the hard way this morning as I headed to Charybdis Heights that blood of a valkyrie is poisonous to vampires, fortunate for him he recoiled quickly enough to only be sick for a few hours, in retrospect I think he rather I backhanded him." Abby Jo showing off the puncture wounds.

"In ancient times it was the will the gods to send the valkyrie to battles to help determine the victorious side and who lived and died" Abby Jo "As time passed and man's weapons of destruction became extremely destructive more then a few of my sisters seen death at weapons of men."

"The beautiful pegasi, the legendary white winged horses serve as our steeds, as was given to the valkyrie by the gods themselves" Abby Jo continued "Are mission changed from chooser of slain, to care taker of the pegasi and other cryptids that could not easily hide in world of humans."

"My long time childhood friend is Valiant, the centaur who is in the back of room and is his first day of class here at Charybdis Heights, and to the ladies of room I can assure he is hung like ... well you know" Abby Jo winked "He is of noble heart."

All of the class turned to look at Valiant and admire that indeed a very rare cryptid was among them for the next four years. One young girl who's had green wavy hair could not take her eyes off Valiant, she even waved some fingers at him and cover up her mouth with one of her hands. Valiant remembered her name from roll call ... Yvonn ... a beautiful name.

"Beside being well versed in many forms of combat and weapons, we valkyrie are immune to lightning, and can summon lightning bolts to strike down are enemies. With that said Abby Jo's right hand started to glow and radiating in her grasp, and a bolt of lighting formed, then slowly it faded "At this point I open up to take a few questions from class."

"Ooo can we have a class outing to your zoo?" Reynard asked, a demon-kin with red horns smiled "And what kind of cryptids are in your zoo?"

"That two questions ... first it not a zoo, it a sanctuary ... a residence, we must respect the privacy of those brother and sister cryptids that cannot hide among humans" Abby Jo added "A small pack of chupacabra, two Ishtar Dragons, and three wolpertinger to name a few are protected by me and my family."

"With so many cryptids to take care of, do you personally have any pets?" Gwen asked.

"Yes I do, I keep five rats as pets, they are my darlings" Abby Jo said smiling.

Reynard then gave a small nudge to Yvan's back "Ask her out, here is your chance ... she likes rats, rat boy."

Took a bit of courage but Yvan spoke "Would you like to go on a date with me Abby Jo?"

Abby Jo smiled ... a rat boy how cuuuute! Abby Jo walked up to Yvan "Yes, pick me up at 7pm" She then wrote in his school book her phone number and address.

Next question was from Yvonn "You find that skirt is impractical for combat?"

"Well with a combat skirt one is always combat ready!" Abby Jo returned to front of class and proceeded to do a spin and another student holding a pole, the spinning action caused the blades at the base of the skirt to spin and chip at first then cut the pole into two pieces. After that Abby Jo took a bow and dismissed the class just a bit early.

Yvonn stay seated till Valiant came to her chair "May I carry your books fair maiden" As Valiant bowed, took her hand and kissed it.

"Oh my Yes!" giggled Yvonn as she and Valiant left the room together.

Abby Jo ______ Gwen _______ Reynard _____ Valiant ______ Yvan ________ Yvonn

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:33 pm
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Lunch Time
Lunch period and students head to the cafeteria. Large cooler against the wall where students can store their lunch they brought from home as many of them have special dietary needs. Layla uses her vampiric speed to be one of the first students to the cafeteria as she is eating in today, so she grabs a chilled blood stick for herself. Pop, pop, pop as Ojo teleports in and grabs lunch and a table for his buddies. Then the cafeteria room begins to fill more quickly, as each clique grab their favorite tables.

When Gwen came down to the cafeteria she first went to Iggy's table "I be right back, Layla wanted me to drop by her table at lunch."

"Sure Thing" Iggy responded, but already he was having his doubts that she return to his table after that Layla that invited her.

"Hello Layla" Gwen said smiling "I shall not be staying long, but you did say to stop by."

Valiant also approached the table with Yvonne by his side.

"Glad you three can make it" Layla was feeling personable today so might as well include Yvonne at her table since Gwen not staying long "Too show my appreciation, I am giving each of you two tickets to the Delacroix Theater."

Valiant looked a little depressed and upon seeing the look on his face, Layla chipped in "The Theater is cryptids only and special guest that are in the know so you can be yourself."

"You are very gracious Layla, so I know you be understanding if I give my two tickets to Valiant here so he can have two special dates." Gwen said "But I must be on my way to my reserved table."

"Totally understandable Guinevere, you take care" Layla said.

As Gwen headed to her table she picked up both Haley and Kyle to accompany her "Hello Boys, hope you not mind me bring two more for company."

"Not at all we were about to get a round of combat out of way" Iggy said as he rolled three six-sided dice on the table, "Booyah! I hit Captain Loon for 42 stun and 11 body." Iggy moved a small figurine about an 25 mm tall about the table and had it stop right in front of another small figurine.

The other three girls looked disinterested in whatever game André, Izzy and Ojo were playing. Gwen looked at the two girls and gently kicked both of them and motioned with her eyes toward both André and Ojo. It was then that Kyle began to cry and wail and everyone in the cafeteria began to look on to the commotion.

"It is OK everyone, just her cryptid manifestation of her cryptid power, everything perfectly fine." Gwen announced to the cafeteria, well she hoped everything was fine. "Everything is Ok Kyle?"

"Yes" Kyle said as she began to calm down "André would you like to go on a date?"

André was chugging down a cola when Kyle asked him out which caught him off guard and soda sprayed out from his nose and just a touch of it into his lungs "S-sure!"

Izzy looked a bit depressed as his game cards now soaked with cola, and he quickly was trying to salvage ruined character sheets.

"Ojo you want to go on a date?" Haley asked Ojo.

"Banzia!" Pop, Pop, Pop sounds of Ojo teleported rapidly, and when he finished teleporting he had freshly picked flowers and presented them to Haley, his tail waggling "Totally!"

"Well that settled then, movie and a dinner then" Gwen said as she reached over and kissed Iggy as he looked disgruntled about his gaming material that was in disarray, and she did not stop kissing him till he relaxed and ignored his gaming material "Not tonight, me and the girls need to shop and do girly things, tomorrow night?"

The boys all said "Yes", and packed up early the gaming material they all knew girls and gaming generally does not mix well. And they all stilled needed eat their lunch. And then it was off to the next class.

André ________Gwen_______ Haley ________ Iggy_________Kyle ________ Ojo__________Valiant _______ Yvonn

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 10:18 am
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Irresistible Chemistry
Gwen looked at her itinerary for her classes, hmm 5th period Science class ... boring ... oh well it required at some point in the next 4 years might as well get it over with. Well at least it with Ms. Twigitt she seemed just wacky enough to perhaps make it fun. I am arriving just in time.

"Five seconds to spare Miss Van Dyne, we allow 10 minutes between classes that should be plenty of time to be in your seat" Ms. Twigitt said.

Gwen looked around and only desk was directly in front of the teachers desk in the front row. Smiling at the class Gwen then sat down, she did notice at least one person she knew from this morning ... Iggy. Also of interest in class was a brown hair cyclops, not see those very often in cryptid society. As class progress Iggy did not seem to happy, but it does seem that when any crisis happens it always Ms. Twigitt that gets called, so it happened that Ms. Twigitt got called away, I decided to ask what was bothering Iggy.

"What bothering you lover?" Gwen asked Iggy.

"It hard to explain, but I goofed up, I ... have always loved Kyle since we kids and now she going to be going on a date with my best friend André" Iggy explained "I punch André in the arm cause he said yes to a date with the only girl I have a crush on and he knew it."

"It not the end of the world, we just meet today" Gwen had one of these sinking feelings that she messed up somehow, sigh just when things were looking up "We just switch dates when we go out together, profess your eternal love for her."

"Now mind you André should be amicable to the switch or this will go very badly, can you convince him, without violence, since you will regret lost of friend otherwise" Gwen advised "And I will tell Kyle your been her secret admirer since childhood, that should help smooth things over, that is unless she really digs André."

"Say since you little miss matchmaker, can you set me up with a girl?" Elias the brown hair cyclops said smiling "It hard to find a girl with pick up line of I have only an eye for you."

"Shush you" Gwen said smiling "This my first day here I not know enough girls yet, give me a few more days."

"Miss Van Dyne you are out of your seat" Ms. Twigitt said "Or should I call you Miss Flirty?"

Rest of the class just laughed as Gwen slinked back to her seat.

"The reading assignment for homework is up on the board" Twigitt said, and with that said the class proceeded without further interruptions.

Elias ________ Gwen _______ Iggy

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 7:36 am
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
An Eye for Beauty
Next on Gwen's itinerary for her classes Computer Literacy, this class should be a snap as she been using a computer since she was a toddler. She noticed that Elias was following her, that creepy.

"You following me?" Gwen turned to talked to Elias.

"If you asking if I am heading same direction as you and you going to computer literacy class, then yes" Elias said.

"Ah, so we going to the same class room then" Gwen was relieved, she already bashed about a teacher today, she figure not want an assaulting a student added to that list, cause she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Gwen made small conversation with Elias in hopes to find what kind of girl he was looking for and be a good fit for him. But once in class our teacher Ms. Jael Chevrolet did not like any form of chatter going on. She had a upper torso of a human and lower torso that of a goat, her hair all white with black pointy horns. But it was her golden orb for her eyes with horizontal slits for iris that was spooky to look at.

I did find out thru instant messaging that Elias was planning to make his living via internet so he not have to expose himself to the human hunter world very often, after all having one eye would be a dead give away, so he always wore a full face mirrored glasses so hide his eye and wore concealer to hide his grey skin when outside. He was also taking Magic 101 in hopes to learn a shape shifting spell and spell to protect him from foul magic, he then explained about the incident of the Tiresias Orb, and that he was disturbed to be a girl even for an hour. Hmmm Elias and Salome? I see Salome next class, and will broach the subject to her.

Gwen could not been happier when computer literacy class ended, might be an easy credit but it a dud class and the teacher rarely talked. I did find out she is glaestig, got to do research about that cryptid type to see if any way to get brownie points with them. Off to Fine Arts class.

"See you around Elias, oh ... any cosmetic tips you can teach me?" Gwen poking a little bit of fun of Elias.

"Hardy har har" Elias said smiling "Toodles sweetheart."

Gwen finally made it to her art class and looked around saw Haley, Kyle, and Salome all sorts of beautiful pieces of artwork, including a lovely white marble statue of a woman draped with a golden satin toga with white trim. She just had to check out the golden toga it was very beautiful.

"Admiring my toga instead of me" A voice spoke aloud, which surprised Gwen.

"Who said that?" Gwen looking around and observed that the class was laughing and giggling.

"Take a seat in class please" The voice spoke again.

Guinevere thought it a very good ventriloquist trick, she circled the statue looking around the room and then looked again at the statue facing it from the front and continued to exam the toga "Who ever you are stop throwing your voice" wow the statue even had gold used for nail polish, mascara and eye lashes ... very elegant .... at that moment the statue eyes opened up showing white pupils and golden irises ... shocked Guinevere recoiled away from the statue, over the teachers desk then crashing unto the floor of the class room.

All of the class room was filled with laughter.

"Take your seat Guinevere" said the marble statue, then smiled showing beautiful golden teeth "I am your instructor Galatea Danbury."

Gwen finally made it to her seat, all red in the face, teacher got her good. She looked up the name Galatea ... wow ... is that the real deal? "Are you the real Galatea from Pygmalion?"

"Are you the real Guinevere from King Arthur?" Galatea asked Gwen.

"No" Gwen answered back.

"Then I am not the Galatea from Pygmalion, we just share the same first name" Galatea explained "For today class I want you to draw one object or person in this room."

"One more question before I start drawing, are you really an animated statue or flesh and blood that looks like marble?" Gwen's said her curiosity piqued.

"I am a sentient animate marble" Galatea explained.

"Thank you ma'am" Gwen said.

"You can call me Instructor Galatea or my Lady" Galatea corrected "I prefer you not use Madame."

Taken aback Gwen thought it over, she very nice and very regal looking so ... "Yes my Lady."

Gwen decided to focus on a person of interest as object are nearly always boring. Beautiful! Gwen saw a girl with teal hair, extending from her arms are feathers and she had both hands and the carpometacarpus at the end of the ulna, her body was bird like with teal and black feathers from about the hips to her talons, she had talons like an osprey instead of feet. Gwen found beauty in this because as a spoiled child her father bought her a pet osprey when she was young, not every kid can say she had a pet osprey.

After twenty minutes into drawing, the young harpy girl noticed Gwen was drawing her "STOP IT!" she demanded with tears welling up in her blue green eyes, looking right at Gwen.

The instructor looked up and came over to where Gwen was seated and looked at what was a very beautiful beginnings of a drawing of the young harpy "Jezebel Aquila by school rules you are a person, and as such Gwen may draw you" Then walked over to were Jezebel was seated and looked down to see her drawing of Salome, the she tapped Jezebel's drawing.

"But she is beautiful, but I am ugly, one should never make a drawing of something ugly" Jezebel being defensive and upset.

"I was drawing the second most beautiful person in this room" Gwen stated "You are beautiful to gaze upon, I have always loved all things avian."

"I not sure why my family sent me here, it not like I will ever be a productive member of human society, I am just a dumb bird" Jezebel was putting herself down.

"I want to be your friend" Gwen said to Jezebel "Besides I think I know just the boy for you, that is if you want a boyfriend" Gwen smiled just a bit as she went over to Jezebel and gave her a hug.

Jezebel looked a little shocked to both being hugged and hearing that this pink hair girl could find her a boyfriend, slowly Jezebel decided to hug back and stop crying "You really want to be my friend?"

"Yes, and we can paint are nails and talk about cute boys!" Gwen chimed back "How do you get around outside of Charybdis Heights campus?"

"When needed my care takers use a wheelchair to haul me around in and I wear a poncho or a fat suit, it not very comfortable way to hide who I am" Jezebel looking just a bit sad.

"Well then it settled you will come along with us to the mall and we can buy clothing, make up and just have fun hanging out tonight" Gwen said as she pointed to the Haley, Kyle and Salome.

"I hope it not too much trouble" Jezebel said.

"Not much trouble at all" Gwen said with a smile.

With that the girls clique just got one larger in size, and perhaps Elias might consider Jezebel worthy to date, either that or she will break both his arms she mused ... just kidding.

For the remainder of the class the girls were chatting it up like songbirds, and Lady Galatea was very pleased how first day of class went so let the class out 5 minutes early if they promised to not make much noise.

Elias _________Gwen _______ Jezebel

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Posted: Sat May 31, 2014 11:55 am
by Cranium
A transition chapter from last class to after class activity, last teacher to describe. First time I heard the phrase "Deuce you say" in Buckaroo Banzai I had to look up the term, Deuce = Devil, I just had to have a devil teacher with that as his first name. :D I am sure everyone wants to forget Deuce Bigalow.

Bronze Jardin
Give the Devil his Due
Last class is public speaking with instructor Deuce Ubel. When Gwen walked into the room she felt like wanting to turn around and walk right out and not come back, never in a million years she would imagine the overwhelming feeling of pervading evil presence. In the room the instructor was a very handsome man with black three piece suit with black tie with silver pentagram tie pin, and dark blue satin dress shirt. His devilish horns perfectly polished and his thick hair dark hair groomed to perfection. Even his smile was perfect and his gleaming icy blue eyes sending chills down Gwen's back and raising the hairs on the back of her neck. Oh boy what have I gotten myself into she thought, and quickly found herself a seat.

"Good Afternoon class" instructor Deuce Ubel began "Public Speaking is about developing outstanding leadership qualities, presentation skills, and boosting your confidence."

No matter how she wanted to meet other members of the class that day, the instructor's voice was mesmerizing and found herself focusing on every word he said. Then the instructor moved to the back of the class, and one by one he directed us to the front of the class and had us read something to the class, it was the same thing for each of us. Guess I was lucky with the name of Van Dyne I was last to speak.

"Guinevere Van Dyne, it is your turn now" Mr. Ubel said.

Gwen knew from her father that you speak loud and clear to the person at the back of the crowd, not to the front row, then proceeded to read "This class will sharpen your communication skills, with emphasis on speech, body language ..." this point she smiled and cupped her hands then moved them apart so she when done moving them she had it look as she was including the whole class between her hands "... voice and tone with the right expression" she smiled the whole time tried to make eye contact with her class mates.

When she was done the whole class clapped, and the instructor smiled.

"Well done Miss Van Dyne, I see you have developed some communication skills already and not one bit shy" Mr. Ubel said "OK class great start for the new year, you are all dismissed."


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by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Girls Night Out
With classes done for the day, Gwen headed to meet her friends and call Mrs. Vallée to see if she can pick me and my friends up in the wheelchair van "Hello Mrs. Vallée I wonder if I can asked a favor a friend of mine with a wheelchair needing a ride as we all want to go to the mall for shopping."

"Well certainly, it is wonderful you made friends on your first day of classes" Mrs. Vallée said "I will be around shortly."

"Shall we take some of your measurements without your fat suit on Jezebel?" Gwen asked Jezebel "I will help us pick out something nice for you."

"I not have the money to afford any clothing, so no need to bother" Jezebel looked a bit dejected and showed Gwen some pics on her phone "These are my dresses I have to work with."

"moo-moos and a Greek dress, no, no, no that just will not do ... Just let me measure you please" Gwen insisted "I will just tap my piggy bank, just for you."

"But my tail feathers ...." Jezebel protested.

"Alteration is key word for today" Gwen smiled "I do know how to sew, a little, and make alterations."

After doing the measurements Gwen giggled "You and I are a perfect fit, sans your tail feathers and talons, if I can wear it so can you."

Haley and Kyle waved to Gwen and Jezebel "Hello, we still on for a girls night out?"

"Absolutely!" Gwen said "Got to get each of you a whole new you!"

"Where is Salome?" Haley asked?

"She said she not going to make it as she already had a date" Gwen informed them as she looking at a text message from Salome.

Honk, honk ... the girls see a metallic green van pull up to the curb, wheelchair accessible "Anyone looking for a ride?" Mrs. Vallée asked.

Guinevere helped Jezebel and wheelchair into the van. Once in the van it was time to help Jezebel out of poncho and started helping Jezebel into her fat suit "That must be very hot" Gwen stated.

"It is, but it the only way I can get around without exposing that I am a cryptid" Jezebel said sadly.

"Hair styling time!" Guinevere said with great gusto "To the Witches' Beauty Parlor."

"Great choice" Mrs. Vallée said "I can use a new hairstyle myself, and it is cryptid friendly, so just keep with the poncho for now as it more comfortable then a fat suit!"

The staff of Witches' Beauty Parlor treated the girls like royalty, and each got a new haircut. For Guinevere she opted for two tone hair style with red hair underneath and top of head remained pink. The staff informed her that the latest dyes should not cause her get sick, and that they can dull the pain of having her hair trimmed. Kyle went with a smooth, beautifully sophisticated sleek style with her hair dyed below her earlobes a beautiful deep red. Jezebel just added a lock of black hair, already liking her Grecian hairstyle. Finally Haley went the most extreme of the girls with a short 60s haircut dyed lavender. As for Mrs. Vallée, she went with something short and sassy that is an easy haircut for a woman of her age to easily upkeep.

"Where to now" Mrs. Vallée asked the girls.

"Liza Clinique" They all chimed in.

"That place is expensive to shop at" Mrs. Vallée made sure the girls understood.

The girls all looked at Guinevere who been texting and begging her father for a larger allowance. At that moment Mrs. Vallée's cell phone rang.

"Hello Mr. Van Dyne" Mrs. Vallée said "I see, um ... well then I guess the girls get a special shopping spree then, Thank you for the call Mr. Van Dyne" as Mrs. Vallée hung up the call.

"So your daddy's little girl" Mrs. Vallée smirked as she looked at Gwen "Off to Liza Clinique, and by the way Gwen your father filled up my account with some mad money for you all."

Gwen was reading the text from her father telling her the spending limit of the girls $300 each and not become accustomed to extra mad money in the future, just her allowance. Gwen texted back hugs and kisses.

Once at the mall the girls made a beeline to Liza Clinique and was greeted by Becky the store manager.

"Good evening and welcome to Liza Clinique, if you needing any assistance at all please it to my attention!" Becky pleasant tone of voice was very inviting.

The girls were all giggles trying out various outfits.

Gwen was trying to figure what look cute on each of the girls "Jezebel I am thinking skirt and satin blue sleeveless blouse with open back, so when you go to Delacroix Theater with Elias you can be completely comfortable and you can spread your wings if you like."

"Delacroix Theater?" Jezebel asked "Would I not be killed for showing my cryptid form?"

"It a cryptid friendly theater" Gwen said to put her mind at ease.

The girls spent just over $1100 dollars, between clothing, makeup and some nice sparkly jewelry at the mall.

Then the girls left the mall and spent a couple of hours at Mrs. Vallée home so Jezebel could get comfortable and try out the cloths, paint talons, finger and toe nails. Both Mr. and Mrs Vallée enjoyed having the house bubbling with laughter of young girls.

"So let me get this straight your whole island is a valkyrie sanctuary for harpies and cyclopes" Haley asked?

"Yes and it 20 miles from the nearest land so we can be ourselves, the Greek government has listed it as a national reserve for wildlife, they just not aware it for harpies and cyclopes, seems the vampires are helpful to us less fortunate cryptids" Jezebel explained then giggled as she showed off her beautifully painted talons "We have three complexes in total on island."

"So you would have no problem being asked out on a date by a cyclops then?" Gwen was making sure.

"None at all" Jezebel smiled "Ooo Kyle that is a beautiful red dress you be wearing!"

"I not really sure I should date André Allard" Kyle confessed.

"Would you rather date ... say Iggy" Gwen asked?

"That your date" Kyle said.

"Iggy said he had a crush on you Kyle since you were children" Gwen informed Kyle "So question is would you rather date Iggy?"

"Yes, but ... it be strange as he more a brother then boyfriend ..." Kyle was to continue talking.

"Stop" Gwen put her fingers to Kyle's lips "A boy who is like a brother, loves you, you trust, you know and care about is more worthy then one hot guy ... just give him a chance, he may be your one true love, even if he is a nerd."

"What about you for a date" Kyle asked?

"No worry about me, I blew my chances with my childhood sweetheart a few years ago, I crushed him" Gwen said that with a tear in her eye "But on the upswing I will go out with André Allard so he still keeps a date for tomorrow night."

Gwen been texting both André Allard and Iggy the whole time she been chatting with the girls to make sure the switching of dating partners will go off with no hard feelings. Thankfully Gwen scanned the tickets given to her by Layla so had a number to call for movie times and set up transportation for the girls, except for Jezebel who will be picked up by Elias. Good thing that Iggy had Elias's phone number.

"Hello may I speak with beautician Elias" Gwen spoke into her cell phone as she set it to speaker mode.

"Hardy har har" Elias voice could be heard "I not remember giving you my phone number."

"Well what can I say I am resourceful, and I have you on speaker phone and found you a date" Gwen said "All you have to do is ask her out, her name is Jezebel, cannot missed seeing her at school, the harpy with teal colored wings."

"Ah! Hello Jezebel it my pleasure to have you as my date for an evening, will you accept?" Elias trying his best to be the gentleman.

Jezebel Shrieked "It am like totally with that!"

"So Gwen have you set this whole date and time up?" Elias asked.

"Yes tomorrow night the show starts at 7pm at the Delacroix Theater, then when show ends at 9pm off to dinner at the Vallée Tower, so study earlier before the movie." Gwen said as she texted him the information.

At that the girls all jumped up and down in joy tomorrow night will be a big night. And with that Mrs. Vallée was once again taxi service to the girls as she drove each of them home.

Elias ________ Gwen _______ Haley _______ Jezebel ______ Kyle

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by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
The Bullies
For the boy's and girl's of Charybdis Heights, the second day of a new year had already settled into a typical school day, only lunch time was exceptional with Ojo's table getting so crowded that those gathered, had to combine it with another table to accommodate the growing group, with Elias, Gwen, Haley, Jezebel and Kyle being added to its membership.

Ignatius got down on one knee "Kyle I have a crush on you since I was six years old and ask that you be my date for tonight."

"Yes!" was all Kyle could say with smile and watery eyes.

"Well, well, well what have we here ... two nerds in love" Jux making fun of Iggy and Kyle "This is our tables, move along you all."

Standing behind Jux stood Lax, Harpreet, Isis, Jevette, Jinx, Kabil, Makar, Sokari and Zsa Zsa ... the bullies of Charybdis Heights.

Most of the seated looked to Gwen, who in turn looked to Iggy to see what the group would do. Gwen then texted quickly both Salome and Valiant if the be kind in helping with any altercation.

Iggy looked up and noticed that everyone was looking at him "Oh, hi Jux ... tapose" Ignatius said as the air around him shimmered for a second and his school outfit replaced with pink open back shirt and his pixie wings fully displayed "What lovely long punk orange hair you have." Ignatius figure it not just him, André and Ojo being mistreated, but also the girls and that was just wrong, time for me to man up, Oh boy my heart is beating fast.

Gwen just smiled as it seemed that Ignatius has indeed become much bolder. She also loved the pixie wings and fact Iggy not embarrassed by wearing pink open back shirt. She guessed that this is a show down between nerds and bullies. She stood up and put away her cell phone.

Jezebel swiveled with her back to the table facing the bullies and talons easily able to be used to cause great harm if need be ... this action was not lost on either the bullies or her friends.

Everyone's attention switch to Jux who now had long flowing neon orange hair, courtesy of some pixie magic. Lax just laughed as did Jinx, a girl reptoid that is currently dating Jux.

"Hrrr, hrrr I am going to enjoy chomping my jaws on you" Makar the sobek, the correct term to use for a were-crocodile, has he started to get larger and just about to bust out of school uniform "Think you make a fine meal!"

At that very moment Iggy pulled out a wand and waved it toward Makar and a blue beam of energy came shoot forth and struck the expanding Makar "Cool it small guy."

"Small, who you calling small puny pixie" Makar said, as he started to shrink "Your Dead Meat!" ... "You hear me, dead meat!" ...

All looked on as they watched Makar shrink, and shrink again, then only Makar's school uniform was present with something small wiggling mass underneath it all.

Jux now recovering from his shook of having neon orange hair "GET em guys!, he cannot shrink us all before we beat him to a pulp on the floor!"

Jux lunged at Iggy only to find Gwen who already standing, gave Jux a heave ho with a martial throw over the table, Iggy and then out the windows of the cafeteria.

Crash! Broken glass of the cafeteria went flying as Jax landed then slid across a picnic table outside. Layla and Brook moved their food out of the way just in time.

"Well that not something we see every day" Layla said as she gently lowered her food down so as not harm him.

"So was that Jux or Lax that just went sailing by us" Brook asked?

"Does it matter" Layla said?

Harpreet a Rakshasa currently in her human form pounced upon Jezebel seeking to slash her with poisonous finger nails. Jezebel blocked and grab Harpreet hands with her powerful talons.

"Bitch!" screamed Harpreet as she went full Rakshasa, her form being a humanoid tigress, shredding her school outfit, now seeking to use her weight against Jezebel.

The two spell wielding mummies Isis and Sokari started to charge up magical spells to unleash against the nerds when sudden they both grabbed by neck and faced each other and heard "I would suggest you two sit this out unless you want to be forcibly kissing each other if you catch my drift". Both look in the direction of the voice and see they being held by a very strong centaur.

Both Isis and Sokari looked at each other ... "Look we get it" Sokari said "This fight not worth the bruises and chipped teeth."

Kabil the goblin said nothing he just draw his two very sharp batangas knives, one in each hand with the intent to slash Jezebel.

Elias seeing that Jezebel was unaware of danger to her interpose by grabbing one of Kabil's hands, besides grabbing the Kabil's hand he also found himself stabbed by the knife in that hand. With his other hand Elias clinched his fist and with all the force he could muster smashed Kabil in the face, coldcocking Kabil.

Amidst the chaos of battle, Jevette a beautiful white skin and iris, black hair gothic ghoul walked up and sat next to Kyle and kissed her. Kyle could feel every muscle in her body relaxed and smell of mint in her nostrils, and eyelids to heavy to keep open.

POP, Pop. pop as Ojo went into action ... he grabbed Jevette and then teleported himself and Jevette to a classroom on the third floor. He dropped Jevette then Pop he was gone, and reappeared in the cafeteria on the first floor, at another table looking for his next opportunity of attack.

"You little piece of shit!" Jevette threw her hands up into the air and then started to laugh. She then figured little reason to run back down to the cafeteria so she just walked away.

Jinx a cute reptoid decided the idea of getting suspended for fighting was a fun idea and beating up nerds would allow her to get some of her aggression out. "Hey André let me introduce you to your next girlfriend" So she grabbed André threw him into the garbage chute.

So upset Haley was to see one of her new friends get thrown down the garbage chute, she grew to three meters in height, and shredding her cloths, then grabbed Jinx and threw her toward the wall behind the serving line of the cafeteria "Back Off!" Haley snapped at Jinx.

Jinx hit the walled with a thunderous thud, all she saw was little black dogs chasing and barking at stars that swirled around her head. She staggered to get back to her feet, but having difficulty doing so.

"So sorry Miss Jinx Lung, I must apologize that I will have to restrain you so that no further harm come to you." Lukhan said in a thick Hindi accent. He was often the favorite server of the cafeteria line as he is six arm deva and could quickly assist, and prep food at the same time.

Lax double punched Iggy in the face, and looked back to see Zsa Zsa doing nothing. "What the hell Zsa Zsa, lend a hand."

"I will not" Zsa Zsa the unseelie nymph said "I am a lover not a fighter."

A moment latter and Gwen had Lax grabbed and his arms pinned behind his back, it was just at that moment that the Miss Twigitt blew a whistle that caused everyone to stop what he or she was doing.

"OK enough is enough" Miss Twigitt said as some of the other teachers started to arriving into the cafeteria "Everyone stay put till the principle reviews the cafeteria camera's."

"You four need to come into the cafeteria" Chantel D'Or directing her statement to Brook, Jux, Kade and Layla.

About 5 minutes latter the Principle came into the Cafeteria with thirteen sheets of paper and called each of the students up for them to write a report to her about what happen and extra homework that was specific to each student that had significant involvement in the altercation.

The Principle she called up Jux and Kabil "You two are suspended for two weeks, or longer till I have a talk to each of your parents." She then gave them each a paper.

She then called up Elias, Gwen, Haley, Harpreet, Iggy, Jevette, Jezebel, Jinx, Lax, Makar, and Ojo "You Eleven are suspended for the remained of this day and the next two days, return Monday with your homework." To each of them she gave them their homework "I will also be sending a letter to each of parents or guardians as to this altercation."

Bang, Bang ... a noise resounded in the cafeteria ... the principle directed Jeffery to the garbage chute .... and Jeffery helped André out of the garbage chute.

Some laughter and giggles in the cafeteria ...

"Well young man, I think you and a few of students need cloths besides the sheets we brought from the nurses office" Principle said "Those of you that manage to shred your clothing head to shower room, I will be calling your parents for your spare uniform to be brought to school and have them order another uniform."

Iggy with a ice pack on his eye ... went with André "So what is below the garbage chute?"

André looked a little embarrassed then explained about his adventure down the garbage chute that dumped garbage to the basement below where Deabru Zabor was kept,.

"When I arrived I fell into a pile of food ... and it stunk" André explained "Then I felt something without teeth started to gum me and try to eat me!" "I tried to scream but only heard my own voice, and felt something suck my cloths right off of me" André finished rising himself off "Then I found myself being spit out of a creature called Deabru Zobor, it was then I heard it speak."

"Hmm, gordin kriptanid" The Deabru Zobor grunted "Yech poo" ...

"I was naked and seeing that the creature was eating my cloths. It was then I glad I took Magic 101 and remember the word for cryptid in Infernal language was kriptanid. I did my best to figure what he was trying to say" André stop to catch his breath "It seems it allowed to eat whatever comes down the chute as long as it not alive, and not plates or utensils. But place those items to be picked up by Jefferies."

"After a bit of time I was able to convince it to lift me up and out of the chute" André chuckled.

"Well Lax manage to get two good punches on me" Iggy said.

With that each student made his or her way home that day. Each of the girls and boys that part of clique nerd manage to convince parents and guardians that what happen was beyond their choice, except Iggy whose father and mother was very supportive of his son's actions.

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by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Delacroix Theater
It was a big night for cryptids and for Eugene and Maria Delacroix it was doubly so because they are providing some valuable taxi service for some of cryptids that would otherwise not be able to make use of the Delacroix Theater and meet a friend who been in bad health André Vallée.

"Do remember your gloves, hat, sun block, sunglasses, and umbrella" Maria reminded Eugene, not want an incident like last year.

"How can I forget" Eugene smirked "It was like I was filming a soda commercial."

"I don't get it" Layla over hearing her parents making a joke over something as terrible as nearly becoming le flambé vampire.

"Oh we talking about a commercial back in 1984 dear, before you even born" Maria informing Layla.

"If we all ready it time to get in the car to drive to the warehouse and get the taxi" Eugene smiled.

It not often the Delacroix got together and did something as a family even if it was five thirty in the evening and ninety minutes before movie began. After all the theater was less then three kilometers away. But they did need to pick up the other cryptids which included a centaur, cyclops, dryad, harpy, rat boy, valkyrie. The sun was still out and Mr. Delacroix had the car tinted so he could drive it around while the sun was still up.

"I not know how you girls manage to stay awake during the day" Eugene chuckled.

After about 4 miles they could hear a train horn as they approached the Delacroix warehouse. Eugene press the button that had an automated door open up so they could park the car inside. Once inside the automated door closed.

"Ok everybody out, time to take the taxi" Eugene smiled.

"Worst taxi ever" Layla exclaimed "Why not something more elegant?"

"Because that would draw undue attention, Semi Trucks come and go where they please and do not draw undue attention and considering how big some cryptids get it perfect for transportation" Eugene explained as he has done over the years for all his children "Those cryptid that can make it easily to the theater without drawing undue attention are required to do so."

Nina always liked riding in the 'Taxi' as it was spacious 8½ by 28½ feet long trailer and the semi's living quarters was 8½ by 7¼ feet right behind the driver seat area. Today's special guest are a centaur, cyclops and harpy. Nina and Layla got into the back of truck where a small dinette area where they will enjoy the ride at least till first guest arrived then they expected to get into the trailer proper and be good hosts.

"Shotgun!" Nina shouted as she wanted the window seat.

"Whatever" Layla said as she put on her earphones and listen to her favorite music.

The engine of the black semi truck with sleeper revved up, and attached to it was a black trailer. The trailer had advertisement for 'Try Cat Pix Id ... their safety is are number one concern' painted on the side of the trailer showing a cat and dog with small tags that looked similar to thumb drive that fits into any USB port.

A larger warehouse door opened up and the 'taxi' semi truck and trailer pulled out on its mission to pick up its special guests. The time in transit to the apple farm was about 30 minutes. The farm was 'safe haven' for cryptids and the 'taxi' pulled into the large shaded area that was on a slight decline. Eugene got out with is umbrella as did the girls and their umbrellas and headed to the back of trailer to his guest easy access to the 'taxi trailer'.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Delacroix" Valiant said and with him was Abby Jo, Elias, Jezebel, Yvan and Yvonn.

"Pleasure is mine young centaur" Eugene said "After all I not often get to meet the more rare cryptid kind." Eugene made it a point to shake hands with each of the male cryptids and kiss the hand of every cryptid woman that got into the trailer.

"A Pony!" Nina exclaimed looking at Valiant.

"Ponies do not have a human torso Miss Delacroix" Valiant declared "I am a centaur."

Nina giggled "Pony!"

"You will not win, you are now a pony" Layla enlightened Valiant.

Valiant did not look too pleased but what is he to do? Only time will have Nina mature more and stop calling him pony.

"Never heard of Cat Pix Id before" Jezebel making conversation.

"It is Try Cat Pix Id" Layla corrected Jezebel "It an anagram for Cryptid Taxi."

Everyone heard the 'Taxi' fire up its engines and they now moving down the farm road toward the main road that will take them to the theater. Everyone knew that theater time will be spent snuggling, kissing or just watching the flick, so it the trip that generated most of the chatter.

"So I thought you two dated yesterday" Layla talking with Abby Jo.

"We did" Abby Jo said with great interest "What can I say I have a insatiable appetite for Yvan!"

"TMI you two" Layla said as she covered Nina's mouth who was about to open and say something even more embarrassing.

"It very nice of your father to serve as a taxi driver and arrange for us less fortunate cryptids to have a nice night out on the town" Jezebel feeling less a caged animal in the world of humans and slayers.

"My dad is the Best!" Nina stated proudly.

"It was our father that sponsored you to come to Thornhill for schooling" Layla explained "He very much a cryptid conservationist."

"Will have to give your father a very nice hug then" Jezebel replied.

"I love your outfit" Nina delighted at seeing Jezebel so exquisitely dressed "You really know fashion and love the color of your nails and talons!"

"I ... had help of Guinevere with picking out what to wear for the date" Jezebel glad that others noticed how nice she was dressed besides Elias.

"I observed we are heading back into the city" Elias decided to break into the conversation "Is the theater in the city?"

"It under the mall" Layla smirked "Once was an indoor roller skating rink that those in the food court could eat and observe people skating below, but was converted in secret to theater for cryptids."

Eugene overhearing by means of speakers in the cab what the conversation was about in the taxi chipped in "Now days most human and slayers have forgotten the mall even had a skating rink or has a basement level in that part of the mall."

"So you hid a theater right under the nose of the humans and slayers in middle of a busy mall" Valiant remarked "Sneaky and cleaver."

"Well it would have drawn more attention to build a theater in middle of a farm land then to put one in under a mall that no longer needed a roller skating rink" Eugene chuckled as he took pride in his sneakiness.

Time passed and the 'Taxi' slowed down and began to back up down a very gradual slope. The end of the 'Taxi/trailer' was covered by tree branches over head, and angle of decent obscured most of the trailer from human/slayer observation.

Eugene made sure no humans were observing the delivery of 'just' one more shipment to the mall and opened the back of the trailer so the guest could make their way into the Delacroix Theater.

Valiant and others that used the 'Taxi' noticed the other guest that been waiting to be seated "Gwen it nice to see you André, Haley, Iggy, Kyle and Ojo made it to the theater safely."

"The same goes for you Valiant" Gwen said.

After all movie goers had time to buy some drinks and refreshments Eugene smiled. He just could not resist being just a bit of ham "OK one and all it is SHOW TIME!" With that Eugene opened the door into the theater proper for all to be seated to watch Bernyke Blitz the new cryptid thriller.

The light slowly faded and the movie, snuggling and kissing began.

Bronze Jardin

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:45 pm
by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
The Vallée Tower
Bernyke Blitz ended and the children all smiles and cheering because the cryptids in the film won the battle against impossible odds verses human slayers. They each filtered out of the theater to wait to be escorted to the next part of the evening ... dinner.

"Wow!" Jezebel was excited "When I finish school I want to become a cryptid actor and make some films!"

"Hey Gwen you really good at martial arts and outgoing you be a natural to make cryptid action films" Valiant smiled.

"Valiant, most of the stars are those cryptid that not shape changers" Gwen replied "The shape changers played the parts of slayers."

Diodore played a bit part in the film and was signing autographs for students.

"OK if I can have your attention we are proceeding to the Vallée Tower for dinner" Eugene announced "Follow me."

Everyone followed Eugene Delacroix to the elevator that lead to the Vallée Tower, which was once a famous restaurant that over saw Thornhill but now as closed except for special reservations due to ill health of Mr. Vallée. The staff was all cryptids, many of which worked in the cafeteria at Charybdis Heights. The elevator was very roomy as it is a freight elevator and yet very beautiful as it also served as means for all customers to access the famous restaurant.

More then one elevator trip was required due to the number or size of guests. The last to arrive at top of the tower was Valiant and his date Yvonn.

Each guest ordered the meals before they arrived at the Vallée Tower so that the restaurant would not have to deal with spoiled food.

Valiant was required to 'sit' closer to the center of the tower where the ceiling could accommodate his height. Naturally loved his greens, carrots and apples, but did order small portion of chicken, he a centaur after all not just a horse so he could eat some meats.

"So how many centaurs in the world is there?" Yvonne asked.

"Not many of us, we are on a strict breeding program so we not even have to love our mate, we just have to accept the sacrifice of love in favor of survival of our species" Valiant looking a bit sad "I not even know who my father is."

"That is sad" Yvonne said feeling she ruined the date somehow.

"Cheer up" Valiant seeing how he ruined a perfect mood, he should have just said not many "As long as a centaur's lover accepts that we breed for children and love those children all is golden."

Other couples in the restaurant enjoyed their romantic conversation. But for some no words needed to pass between them. After all when you known someone for just over a decade words just get in the way and Iggy and Kyle just looked into each others eyes while holding hands for most of the night after finishing diner.

"So ... Gwen" André was having a hard time making conversation with Gwen.

"Just pretend I one of your male friends and talk about something other then love, kisses or getting lucky" Gwen smiled just a little.

"Do you like ... games?" André asked.

"I like physical contact sports and other recreation, like dancing, aikido, swimming and flirting to name a few" Gwen trying to lighten the mood between them "I feel like dancing." Gwen reached out to André and they found a small space to dance in.

Mr. Vallée looked on a smiled as he watched Gwen dancing with a boy. He also smelled the aroma of lit cigar and looked to see his old friend Eugene coming to talk with him.

"Hello old chap, how you been?" Eugene started the conversation.

"I have seen better days Eugene" André Vallée just then coughed "The doctors gave me one to six months to live."

This news deeply saddened Eugene and shed a tear of blood for his long time friend. "I like to spend then a bit more time with you my friend."

Again André Vallée wheezed and cough "That would be splendid, you welcome to stop by the house anytime, just call ahead to make sure I am awake."

Mrs. Vallée looked upset as the cigar smoke was bothering her husband something fierce "Would you mind for sake of your old friend to extinguished the cigar."

"Many pardons André" Eugene quickly extinguished the cigar.

"I been hearing some dreadful new of late" Mrs. Catherine Vallée spoke "Something about a Muse teacher at Charybdis Heights."

Maria Delacroix suddenly looked scared and shocked "Eugene are the children in danger?"

"We not know yet, after all if a Muse showed up at school then Apollo knows of the school after he is also know as Musegetes ... the Muse Leader." Eugene said.

"I blame the principle for sending the witches to a school of slayers" Mr. Vallée said "The skinny is that Hekate has renamed Artemis Academy to Hekate Academy."

"This is awful news old chap" Eugene showing concern "All of our efforts to established Charybdis Heights may all be all for naught."

Just then a brief shimmer of light and sound as a Muse appeared to André, Catherine, Eugene and Maria. "Greetings cryptid elders" Melpomene said "Indeed much tragedy has been recently wrought against both cryptids and slayers alike by the evil machinations of Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft."

"Have you come to prophesy against us?" Mr. Vallée asked as he could do little else and wanted the attention on him instead of his wife, friends and children after his life was short and it mean a lot if he could buy sometime for them.

"Please do not feel threatened" Melpomene responded "Apollo has seen your peaceful school and wishes no ill will."

"But the Didymaeus" Mr. Vallée said seeking to hold the attention of the Muse of Tragedy "What one knows surely the other knows."

"The Golden Goddess knew first after all she was born before Apollo" Melpomene added "Fear not, war not, instead embrace love and peace." With that said Melpomene transformed into silhouette of light and music and passed harmlessly thru the roof of the tower.

The adults mostly remained silent for the remained of the night, but remained vigilant for possible danger, and took extra precautions for safety of the children and making sure they all got home.

But for the children it was a most wondrous night, but those that got to the movie on their own were surprised to find concerned and waiting parents when the night out ended.

Bronze Jardin

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by Cranium
Bronze Jardin
Pool Party
The pool party started earlier because the school was closed till Monday. The students are not told why other then special faculty, parents conference and construction. That meant that Salome could come over sooner. Gwen had been texting with Iggy as he needed help create a special date with Kyle, as was to keep her busy. The doorbell rang and Gwen turned off and then put away her cell phone.

"I will get the door" Gwen said loudly and then opened the front door "Hey girls!" Gwen gave each of them a hug.

"My parents are acting all weird today" Haley seemed concerned "It was like they glad we are missing school."

"It must be the rash of violence outbreak at school, you know Gwen trashing a teacher and nerds getting upper hand on the bullies." Salome laughed "Ooo you not mind if I invited two others do you?"

"As long as they are girls I not mind, after all it is a girls only pool party" Gwen said as she escorted the girls to the pool area and to help Jezebel out of her poncho "Who did you invite?"

"Two new girls, transfer students by the names of Dovette and Roxanne" Salome said "Roxanne can be a bit intense."

The doorbell rang again "I got it" Gwen said loudly again, she not want Mr. Vallée to exert himself as he was in poor health and Catherine was attending parent and teacher conference. It bothered Gwen that Mr. Vallée had a shotgun across his lap as he sat in his wheelchair. Something has all the adults upset and it not just one ghost at school now but the whole ghostly crew that served Captain Jim Beard Sprynter armed with magical cutlasses and flintlocks. This information she got the inquisitive and sneaky Ojo the phooka. Gwen opened the door "Welcome! It is Roxanne I am greeting?"

"I am" Roxanne said, a pale skin girl wearing sunglasses and a beautiful arranged gele on top of her head, something one would expect someone of African decent to wear not a girl that clearly of Caucasian decent "This the residence of a girls pool party?"

"That it is" Gwen answered seeing another walking up a girl of African heritage with snow white afro and beautiful blue eyes "You must be Dovette."

Giggle "Yes that be me" Dovette answered back "I just change her as I have my bikini underneath my cloths." Dovette gave Gwen a hug "Which way to the pool?"

"From the front door here ..." Gwen pointed to a piece of paper that showed path to pool, the house to big to give simple directions "... leads to family room then ... oh just follow the map I gave you."

Giggle "Okay dokie" Dovette replied with a smile.

Once the door was closed Roxanne removed her gele showing off her mass of seething black scaled snakes instead of hair, next she removed her glasses revealing her eyes. Her whites of her eyes instead jet black and vivid crystal light blue iris. Even her movement of her spine as more flexible, like a snake.

"Should I not be stone right now?" Gwen asked.

"Non!" Roxanne stated "Ni mes serpents venimeux." "That is to say my snakes are not poisonous and you need not fear being turned to stone" she snickered "Can I keep my knife with me?"

Gwen looked down at the knife a beautiful serrated knife made of radiant blue metal "Sure thing."

"What up with the grandpa with the shotgun?" Roxanne asked.

"Something has him and other cryptids spooked" Gwen said "Come lets have some fun."

Only one thing really spooked cryptids ... slayers. Roxanne reflected on what could be having this effect, perhaps the whole thing with Cerise over at Artemis Academy. I hope that witch is dead. Roxanne changed into a black monokini bathing suit and looking very chic.

Gwen spent a good portion of time being a hostess and the other six girls formed a small water volleyball game laughing and giggling well most of them anyways, it took time before Roxanne relaxed and even gave smallest hint of a smile. The game ended and music was playing the whole time in the background. Observing but staying out the way of the girls fun was Mr. Vallée being ever vigilant.

Salome got up on the ledge of the pool and put a pill some three feet back and to her left of her, then patted the ledge to the left of her "Please sit with me Gwen, stop fussing at being the good hostess."

"Yeah!" the rest of the girls shouted, well except Roxanne.

Gwen noted that Salome was right about Roxanne being very intense in attitude and game play. Her side easily winning the water volley ball match. She then sat on the ledge of the pool with her feet hanging down into the water. Before Gwen could respond she was on her back and Salome was straddled over her and kissing her on the lips. All the girls including Roxanne was giggling and laughing, and Salome was sure strong. I could fight back, but that would kill the mood of the party, so Gwen just went with it and soon she had her first French kiss with a girl, not bad but neither was it a boy.

"So you lured me here to give me kissing lessons Salome?" Gwen gracefully broke being pinned down to the cool deck.

"Yes" Salome said "And to hold you to your promise to show us your mermaid tail."

"Ah yes" Gwen then graciously transformed revealing her pearlescent pink and red scales of her mermaid tail "Happy now?"

A resounding "Yes!" could be heard from all six girls which was quickly followed by "How fast can you swim in your mermaid form?"

Guinevere showed off her aquatic abilities for the girls and for Mr. Vallée as he too always wanted to see her in action in full mermaid form.

"So Salome you lesbian?" Gwen asked.

"Yes, that I why I not take you up on matchmaking me with a boy" Salome said "On the other hand if you find some others with the sexual persuasion, I will consider date with them." "Ooo almost forgot I have to show you all and in particular Haley" Salome jubilantly spurted out "I took movie of the bullies and nerd fight and I want you to see something interesting!"

The girls looked onto the computer screen as it much bigger then the phone screen and watched the altercation between bullies and nerds.

"SEE! See what I see?" Salome was all excited "Haley when you nearly 3 meters tall you are gorgeous in these frames ... you not ugly .... you are as beautiful as your noble spirit shines forth as you smashed Jinx for her action of throwing poor André Allard down the garbage chute. But notice when you became aware you naked your own perception of yourself made you pitifully ugly again."

"How can I control what I look like?" Haley said.

"Only time and great practice" Mr. Vallée quipped in "It is worth pursuing Miss Haley."

The girls all gave Haley a big hug. But soon Mrs. Vallée came home and ushered the girls out the door. Each of the girls gave Mr. and Mrs. Vallée thanks for making them feel at home and use of the indoor pool.

Once all the girls are gone Gwen spoke "So what up at the school Mrs. Vallée?"

"Nothing for you to fret about dear, so off to bed with you" Mrs. Vallée said.

Gwen will have to chat with the boys and see if Ojo found out any more about what going on at the school. But it time for bed now, tomorrow will after all be a busy day.

Re: Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks/Dangerously Chloe fanfics

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by Cranium
I am love watching movies about love, just figure I not do such justice. But once I started writing this story and I had Xanadu in the back of my mind I knew I wanted it to end in love. This likely my last fan fiction for a few months even thou I have idea's for two more. I hope a few peeps like it even if filled with grammar, tense, and spelling errors.

Bronze Jardin
It was just after noon when Gwen, André, Dovette, Haley and Ojo all meet at the statue of Talos in the Bronze Jardin. The garden was very beautiful this time of year with all the flowers blooming and clear sky a blessing.

"Glad you call help today, we are making for a special date for Iggy and Kyle" André went on "Head this way to the bronze statue of Edesia."

Each had a little something they brought to the picnic besides the food. André and Ojo each brought a cushy floor mats, Gwen a sleeping bag for two, Haley two pillows and Dovette some throw pillows.

"Before we engage in mischievous acts of vandalism, lets partake of some yummy lunch" as André stomach grumbled and he smiled.

"So what we doing exactly today?" Dovette questioned as she enjoyed a bite her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Well we feasting here at the statue of Edesia the Roman goddess of the feast" André pointing to the twenty two foot tall statue "Then after lunch we are going to remove the bronze fruit and stuff from her bronze basket as it not cast as part of the statue. We then safely hide the bronze goodies out of sight."

"Ooo I get it ... we then place the goods we brought into the basket!" Dovette smiled "What a romantic way to spend an evening in the arms of a goddess!"

All agreed after all at little hanky panky between Iggy and Kyle after dark in the park is just what two lovebirds needed. Then as a group they started to store the bronze fruit and stuff out of sight into a boxes.

"You know Iggy's and Haley's parents will be upset when they find out staying at Ojo's and or my house tonight" Haley said "Not really feeling good lying for them."

"I got that covered" Ojo said "I got a video stating they eloped" Ojo then started to giggle.

"Hey that not even funny" Haley chided.

"It is absolutely funny" Ojo chuckled "When they find out they really not elope they will then be grateful ... really!"

"You been quiet Guinevere" Dovette looking over at Gwen.

"Oh just reflecting on what could have been" Gwen looking just a bit saddened "But it time for us to leave. We will return here tomorrow afternoon to clean up."

The park was tranquil for a few hours except for some chirping of birds and a gentle breeze rustling thru the trees.

After the movie Iggy and Kyle took a stroll through the Bronze Jardin and admired all the bronze statues of legendary and mythical figures.

"I love you Kyle" Ignatius stuttered slightly "I want to spend my whole life with you."

Kyle remembered her earlier wailing of joy and it was of this moment, when both of them found true love with each other "I love you with all my heart Ignatius, guess I always knew."

"Lets have dinner here with Edesia, roman goddess of feasts" Ignatius then found the hidden cooler of food that was hidden away by his friends.

Kyle just blushed as Ignatius laid out the feast for them complete with lit candles as the sun settled down on the horizon.

"It getting late we should head home" Kyle declared.

"Shhh I hear lovebirds" Ignatius smiled as he moved to kiss Kyle. She in turned kissed Ignatius.

"I have prepared a bed for us to enjoy the night under the stars with the goddess" Ignatius gestured to the basket.

Kyle looked up and saw none of the fruit she seen barely showing over the edge of the baskets from her previous walk thru the park.

"Want to see are bed for the night?" Iggy asked.

Kyle was both excited and fearful of what her parents would think, but the love for Ignatius was over powering. She just nodded yes. Ignatius lifted so she could see the bed nestled in the basket and it was inviting. She then climbed in and looked over the edge of the basket to see Ignatius flying up in his pixie form and then returning back to his human form with in the basket. Each then unclothed and snuggled together for the night.

When living life on the edge of what is acceptable behavior and in love with that one special person, all of creation seems fresh and brand new for an instant. It was just like that for Ignatius and Kyle that night. Chirping of crickets and a few frogs croaking dominated the night. Then beautiful cords of a guitar rocked the night from a man with curly golden locks of hair and beautiful woman on roller skates sang songs that the man played.

Both Ignatius and Kyle took a peek over the edge of the basket to see Chantal D'Or was the woman singing and roller skating around the park. They both say the musician and a few others strolling around the park.

"So why are we hear in the park?" Prudence asked inquisitively.

"Sometimes something so special happens we angels are asked to make sure nothing interrupts the moment" Zachuriel explained.

"So what happening tonight in this park?" Prudence said smiling.

"Love so special it can span decades" Zachuriel went on "So we got to remain quiet and just patrol to keep trouble out of the area."

Kyle was soon lost in a passionate kiss and was wishing she and Ignatius was one. She cried tears of joy and her body quivered with passion. The sleep came upon them and soon evening passed into dawn. The two lovebirds awakened to the sound of roller skating.

"See you two Monday" Chantal D'Or sung out to the bees and to the lovebirds, as she roller skated out of the park.

"Guess it time for us to get dress and have breakfast" Kyle said.

"Agreed" Iggy said and he then kissed Kyle and she him as they took a walk first around the Bronze Jardin before leaving it behind.

The End