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Re: Eerie Cuties fanfics

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Back again with an addition to that last thing I posted... in which my previous work's narrator finally gets an identity.

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Re: Eerie Cuties fanfics

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New one-shot. The idea came to me about a week ago, rolled it around a few days, wrote last night, put the presentation (it's got a little strip manip in there, too) together this evening. It' s behind the spoiler tag since, while I don't think it goes beyond PG-13 (nothing below the shoulders gets mentioned) it does involve mature... concepts? The text isn't racy or anything, but just a mild warning for those afraid of implied physical romance.
Tiffany and Layla: Betrayals to Scars

Tiffany and Layla: Betrayals to Scars

“...And the whole time he was cheating on me. Two years. With the same girl. I'd forgive a little fling, that's just who he is, but this was different. And the way she was bragging about it. Nailing him even when he was... feeling different.” Layla said through her sobs. “You wouldn't so something like that to me me, would you Tiff?”


“At that, Tiff burst into tears herself. “I'm so sorry,” she said as she hugged Layla. I've been lying to you since we first met. I'm a, I'm a slayer. Or at least I'm supposed to be. I've tried to kill you, but I, I, I couldn't. I like you too much, you're my beast friend. Betrayed my family heritage by not killing you, betrayed you by trying to and lying to you. I'm so sorry. You're my best friend and I've loved to you constantly and betrayed you and you'll never forgive all my lying...”


Tiff kept talking. Rambling really. Her mind went off in a different direction, though, when she realised what she'd said. Loved to you? Heh heh. I didn't mean that, did I? I hope she didn't notice, I mean I barely did but I do. Now that I think about it, I do. I love her. But I've broken her trust and she'll never forgive me and she'll overpower me and drink me dry and my family honor will be as...


Tiff's mind kept spinning, and she kept talking and blathering. Until Layla kissed her. Not a bite, not on the neck. Right on the mouth. Such a tender kiss, from such a monster. A few tears still trickled down Tiff's cheeks. They felt beautiful; a few drops of warm rain on a summer afternoon.

“I'm not a killer, if it makes you feel better. Not everyone I've drank has been happy about it, but no one died. At least, not directly. I don't keep track of them, some are a little woozy, maybe someone...” and now it was Tiff turn to stop Layla's rambling. Holding the vamp to her, Tiff realised how smooth, supernaturally smooth her hair and skin where. Not quite sure whether she meant Layla's kiss or confession, “It does make me feel better.”


“Then you'll love this.” Holding each other, they eased themselves down. Time passed.

“I think, I think that if...” Tiff paused to wriggle and gasp. “If you can control yourself right there don't control yourself there! Oh, HA! But if you won't lose control, umm I think I'd like you to bite me just a little. I mean I think I'd like it a lot, but just a small little bite.”

“I don't think I could harm you either, Tiffany. I'll be gentle.” Layla kissed Tiff's shoulders and neck. “Ready?” Tiffany nodded, a little nervous with anticipation. A quick shock, with a little pain. But as she remembered to breath and the flow began, the feeling was astonishing. As though her's and Layla's hearts were beating as one.

Layla ended her drink. “So sweet. So beautifully, more than any I've...” Distracted by sensation, she didn't continue. As the languid evening passed together, Tiff returned a few friendly nibbles of her own.

Later, much later, as Tiffany nestled under Layla's arm, she thought back to Layla's ex. “I hope this isn't opening a wound, but could you have been compelling him without realising it? After what happened with Faith...”

“What happened with me?” Faith asked. Tiff looked about in shock. The end of Lit class. “Either you were talking in your sleep or you were thinking about me very loudly. So what did happen. Was it fun?” The esper gave a sly smile.


“Oh, you remember. The other day in the cafeteria? When they ran out of those little milks?” Tiff laughed nervously.

Whatever you say, Winters,” Faith said. She rolled her eyes and walked away with a few members of her harem.

Tiffany picked up her books and left the classroom. As she walked down the hall toward Algebra, she rubbed her neck and regretted not finding any scars.

So there it is. My own comments beyond another spoiler, since with the fic behind one, the post is short enough you'd read them before the story, which contradicts the whole point.
Author's Notes

Didn't start out as a dream ('it was only a dream' is such an old trope...), but Layla didn't really sound like layla, and then the whole talking about Faith into actual Faith just made so much sense to me. "Beast friend" started out as a scrivener's error, but it just made so much sense to me that I had to leave it uncorrected. Most of the gramatical weirdness is probably intentional, too. Some sentences just worked for the mood, at least in my head.
Time for a small single malt.
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Re: Eerie Cuties fanfics

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Tiffany's parents:

Slayers with sunglasses;
beatniks without bongos.

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Tartarus Trek

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This the short story for the missing six girls. And what I think would make an adventure for them.

Tartarus Trek
Part 1: Volcanic Thunder
The teleportation lit up around their campsite and in mere seconds Amelia, Callista, Faith, Gabby, Jacqui, Tiffany and campsite for many meters around them was flung across the void of space and dimensions. The girls found themselves wanting to vomit for just a second then the disorientation caused by the teleportation circle ended with a Ka-thoom. The six girls find the campsite slightly shaken but otherwise the same except for the red sky, they could smell fire as part of the forest was set ablaze. Tiffany jump to the tallest point of tree and saw the dire circumstance they found themselves in. The campsite was now a slab of land, an island doomed to sink into the lava of an active volcano crater.

"Is everyone OK," came a shout from Tiffany?

"Faith is down and out" said Amelia.

With that, Tiffany rushed to pick up Faith. "OK, everyone follow me. We need to make our way to the rim of the volcanic crater."

Not very far off, the girls see the red glow of lava and vegetation catching fire. They follow Tiffany toward the direction with the least amount of glow of lava.

With the soothing words of magic, "Tullut lentävä luuta," Jacqui formed a flying broomstick. "Room for one more!"

"Amelia, go with Jacqui" ordered Tiffany.

"No Amelia! She is a witch" growled Gabby!

"We need Amelia to get quickly up to the top of crater since she's carrying the volleyball rope and net. They can help us climb out of this crater quickly," said Tiffany. "Gabby flash step to the top of crater."

With each step the temperature was getting increasing too hot, the teleportation circle also carried with them fresh air, but as they approached the edge of the 'island' of the campsite, each girl needed to hold their breath on the way to the top of volcano crater rim.

Tiffany looked down at her and Callista's smoldering sneakers. "Well, two pair of sneakers ruined".

Seeing lights from some undetermined number miles away, Tiffany pointed toward the horizon. "I say we head in that direction."

The volcanic rock of the slope they descended was filled with many sharp rocks, one slip and they will have many cuts. Slowly the terrain changed from just volcanic rock to that of wooded area, they then continued for many miles, after which the decided to make camp.

"Where on earth did Cerise send us?" Callista said as she was trying to figure a way to mend her nearly melted soles of her sneakers.

Jacqui looking at something that looks vaguely like a black carnation "Not Earth .... Hell, I best cast a glamour spell on us all ..."

"Oh no you will not" quip Gabby "I want nothing to do with your filthy magic".

"Faith is still out, I will take first watch" chipped Tiffany.

It came time for Gabby's turn to keep watch, and Tiffany went to grab shuteye. Gabby’s mind drifted to thoughts of killing Jacqui as she slept, but then she heard a rustle of leaves and looked.

Thripp! Suddenly, Gabby was in tremendous pain and feeling where her eyes should be and only bleeding hollow sockets and shrieked "My Eyes!"

All the girls, even Faith who was still groggy, saw eyes peering out from the brush beyond the campsite. With grunts and roars, a small group of demons ran into camp. One Hell Beast chomped down on Faith's leg.

"Let go" screamed Faith has she telekinetically blasted the beast back! However, the beast's mouth remained shut and the flesh and meat that the beast was latched on to peeled off as she sent it flying "Ahhh! My Leg!"

Amelia went into full action throwing mighty Elizabeth (her volleyball), dazing three demons as her volleyball bounced off all of them and returned to her waiting hands. A demon hurled itself at Callista but missed her, as it found it no longer had anymore eyes to see with as Callista's arrows sunk deep into its eye sockets. Tiffany jumped to avoid a demon that tried to slash at her. She followed up with a slash of her sword, taking its head off. Another demon yelped as it was stunned by Jacqui's blast.

The demons continued to pour into the camp. Callista seeing that Gabby had only eye sockets told Gabby where to attack. Each of the girls did what they do best, being slayers of monsters. A large mosquito/bird-like creature managed to sink its proboscis into Amelia's skull dead-center of her forehead. With one slash of Tiffany's blade and it lay dead. The biggest demon went after Jacqui, and it appeared her illusions weren’t affecting it. She shrieked in horror but to her surprise, a huge claw appeared from behind her and decapitated the demon that was about to kill Jacqui, followed by a thunderous roar from behind her. After hearing the roar and seeing their mightiest fall, the rest of demons skedaddled off. Each girl turned her attention to where the mighty roar came from, only to see Toby demon with a body of bear, tail like that of scorpion and small bat-like wings, being given a hug from Jacqui.

"Toby" Jacqui said joyfully.

Amelia sensed that the battle was at an end and tended to Faith, who was losing consciousness due to blood loss from her viciously mangled leg. Quickly, she applied fire to cauterize her wound. "Do not leave us yet, Faith. We need you" said Amelia.

"We need to remove what remains of her right leg below the knee cap, if we expect Faith to live long." Callista said "Since you have the sword, Tiff, that duty falls to you."

"I... I’m not sure I’m up to that" said Tiffany, hesitantly.

"Then give me your sword for a moment" said Callista, authoritatively. A moment later, what was mostly bone and a bit a flesh was removed from Faith's right leg and bandaged.

"Amelia, Gabby are you two ok" asked Tiffany.

"I am ok” piped Amelia. “I must have been lucky it didn’t suck my brain dry; but, I have a monster size headache."

"No, I am not alright” shouted Gabby." I don’t have any eyes to see with. I AM BLIND!"

Jacqui tried to comfort the group, stating "We should be grateful that Toby decided to help us."

"What" cried out Gabby! “That’s Cerise's pet monster!"

"Nago Ez Maskota Bat, Nago Egin Deabru" growled Toby.

"What did it say" asked Amelia?

"Toby says he not anyone's pet and that he is his own demon" said Jacqui, translating. "If you see Cerise again, Toby, will you do us a favor and not mention seeing us?" She gave Toby a belly-rub for encouragement.

"Baiezko" replied Toby. Jacqui and Toby spoke between themselves for a little bit longer. “The demons will not likely strike again without more support.”

After several more tense minutes trying to get themselves as composed as they could, the girls realized they were exhausted. Each found some more sleep before their journey renewed again tomorrow.
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Re: Tartarus Trek

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I sorta skimmed it, 'cuz I kept losing my place. From what I managed to get through, it doesn't seem half bad. But it could definitely do with a revision.

Basically, separate your thoughts into paragraphs, instead of walls of text. That way, it'll be easier to read. Also use separate paragraphs when changing speakers. That sorta thing. I might check out the rest of it later.

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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
The Morning After
The next morning (if hell has a morning) the girls get ready to move out, they assemble a make shift stretcher for Faith who was still too weak to travel and attached it to Toby who grumbled just a little for being used as a beast of burden.

"What about your magical broom you created Jacqui?" Tiffany asked.

"Well it was broken in the fight, and it was only temporary, tried to make another out of the flora of hell but that not working" Jacqui replied.

"My vision is blurry" Amelia said weakly, she not looking very well.

"We need to conserve are rations of food and water" Tiffany said.

Between the sweat and grim the girls stunk to high heaven, and no cool water to bath in or drink to be seen. Jacqui walked side by side with Toby who carried Faith, his stride sure and steady. Callista steadied Gabby and Tiffany did the same for Amelia. Toby leads the way taking the path that would grant them most distance in a days time. This path leading to edge of a canyon but where path pounded smooth from others that travel it.

About mid day Toby grunts what sounds like gibberish to the rest of the girls.

Jacqui "Toby says we should head into the woods, though it be slower going."

Gabby "Why are we taking advice from a demon? We need to go as fast as we can so we can get Medical help!"

Toby grunts.

"Well he says he abide what you want but feels that it safer if we go slower through the woods" Jacqui said.

The girls continued along the edge of the canyon instead of heading into the woods.

A few hours latter a loud bellowing comes from the sky, girls look up to see what looks like giant birds with deer heads with antlers swooping down upon the group.

"Preytons!, run into the woods" Jacqui screamed.

But it was too late one of preytons, a creature that looked like a giant bird with deer head with antlers, snatched up Callista and flew off with her over the canyon.

Toby lunged up and mauled one of the Preytons to death.

"Callista!" cried Faith as she sought to telekinetically hold onto Callista "Jacqui kill the beast that has a hold of Callista and I will bring her back to us."

"But ... Such a close blast will hurt Callista as well" Jacqui snapped back.

"Just do it" Faith assured her, with that Jacqui hurls a Witch's Hex Bolt stunning both Callista and the preyton.

Mentally strained Faith slowly brings Callista ever closer to the group, as the remainder of the group holds it own against the other Preytons, bringing the preytons a swift death. But the strain was too great for the weakened Faith and she let slip her grasp of Callista.

"NOoooooo!" Screamed Faith.

Jacqui rushed to the side of canyon "Sulka Pudota!" magical words roll off Jacqui's lips.
The rest of the girls look over the canyon only to see Callista slowly drifting downwards.

Tiffany "Can you do that spell to all of us and bring us together?"

"No we would all drift in different directions and we all be separated" Jacqui said "But at least I placed on her a glamour spell as well so if she comes across anything not beastly she not likely to be killed right away."

The girls then all wept as they lost one of their own. After that they bandaged their wounds and proceeded to travel a bit more. They finally came to rest near the edge of the forest for another period of rest.

"Harhakuva Hiisi" Jacqui spoke words of magic, thus allowing girls to be covered by an illusion of them all being demon spawns so as to not draw undue attention.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Deep Slumber
Next morning the girls stirred all except Amelia, her body twitching. "Oh no, no ... " Faith voice faded off to tears.
"What happening?" Gabby asking.
"It Amelia, she not waking up and her body is twitching" Tiffany stated, "Jacqui can you do anything for Amelia?"
"No, and it seems I am the only one not sick, guess that cause of my cryptid blood" Jacqui looked at her friends as they all seem to be coming down with something nasty, Tiffany looked least sick that must be due to her outstanding regiment of exercise she does.
Faith "Well I am going to start pulling my own weight" With that she grabbed stick to use as a crutch walked, with a bit of assistance from Jacqui.
Gabby was helped by Tiffany, and they placed Amelia into the stretcher and off they went traveling trying to pick up the pace as much as possible toward the fortress in the distance.

It was only a few hours travel latter when Toby stopped and ROARED very loudly, nearly ear shattering. "What is it Toby?" Jacqui asked.
"Lugun" Toby replied.
"A what" said Faith?
"A friend is what Toby said" Jacqui said smiling "Perhaps this is lucky break we are needing".
Slowly what looked like a woman with batwings slowly came into view, once again Toby roared to welcome his friend. Slowly the succubus landed in front of the group.
"Ooo A succubus" Tiffany stated!
"Great another time Jacqui gets to play Uhura and translate for us" Gabby quipped ... "You, succubus, savvy English?"
The ginger blonde succubus spoke "Yes, I savvy English, and Toby why are you hanging around slayers?"
"Sorgin Lugun" Toby growled looking at Jacqui.
"Ah, a fellow cryptid, very good, my name is Rosalia" stated the succubus. "Where are you all headed?" questioned Rosalia.
"We are heading that way to where you came from, what looks like a buildings and a castle" Jacqui chirped in.
"Well Toby if you value any of their lives then that not the place for them, well except maybe the Witch" Rosalia stated, "it be best they find the ferry man and pay the toll back to the over world".
"But are friend is dying and she needs help desperately" Faith hoping that the succubus had a shred of humanity in her.
"Ooooo do you know Chloe Love? She came to hell to get further training!" Jacqui chimed in "We used to go to the same school".
"I ..." Rosalia started to speak.
"Oh you do!" Jacqui smiled "please oh please help us, my friend Amelia not doing very well".
"What happen to her that not happen to you all" Rosalia questioned.
"Well a bird-demon mosquito drilled a hole in her forehead, and she mentioned having a monster sized headache" Tiffany added.
"I could take her to Utooli, she is a healer, if anyone could save your friend it be her" Rosalia looking around at Toby and knowing his small wings not built for flying long or fast distances sighed "Guess it up to me to fly her to Utooli's hovel, but you owe me a Witch's Boon"
Rosalia and Jacqui then made a blood pact for future favor for Rosalia.
Gabby angrily spoke "How can we trust her?"
Faith "I not sense any ill will in this Succubus"
Rosalia "If you not trust me you will have to bury your friend in a day or two, eggs have hatched within her brain" and with that Rosalia lifted herself and Amelia into the sky "Now Toby take them to Utooli's Hovel"
Toby just nodded his head. With that out of the way and Jacqui's illusion of girls being demons the rest of the day went without any more mishaps.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Snakes and Stones
To make faster time, Faith once again is found on the stretcher and taking it easy still weak from blood loss. they now at a bottom of a valley with lush vegetation. A garden of sorts, with statues some beautiful others terrified.
"Borrokatzeko Itxi Begiak" growled Toby.
"I know the drill... Toby says Fight with your eyes closed" Jacqui said.
Toby pick up his pace to move quickly, cause in his mind he wanted to avoid any fight here.

Not too much time latter ...
"Ssss, What have we here, weary travelers? ... come and I will give you rest" Came a voice from the right of them.
"Guess Hell has lots of nice people!" Tiffany blurted out and turned to meet the groups new benefactor "Gor..g... on" Was Tiffany last words as standing before the girls was now a stone statue of Tiffany.
With that Jacqui whipped out her compact, Faith and Toby closed their eyes, and Gabby pulls out some small but very sharp torture devices, one in each hand. Jacqui directed Gabby where the Gorgon stood. While this unnerved Gabby to have the Witch give her direction where the enemy stood she understood that she needed someone with eyes to tell her where the threat is. With speed only an Esper can muster she slashed out at the Gorgon. The Gorgon slashed with her knife and pit with head full of asps, each very poisonous. The poison stung at first and then Gabby felt cold chill going thru her body.
But the Gorgon did not come alone she brought her pet Serpent with her, and it was coiling around Jacqui.
"Faith I can use some help, a snake is coiling around me and I can already feel the lost of sensation in my legs" with that Jacqui feel to the ground.
Hearing where Gabby was fighting and where Jacqui fell down Faith open one eye and hoping that their was only one Gorgon. She saw the Jacqui being squeezed to death. With that she entered into the Serpents mind. With that done the Serpent released its death grip on Jacqui.
Gabby with her one hand firmly gripped around the Gorgon's wrist (the wrist attached to the hand with the Gorgon's knife) and stabbing and slashing with great fury with her free hand, the Gorgon wit her free hand choking Gabby. Gabby with her training forced the Gorgon to the ground with leverage and her legs. A few seconds pass and blood was gushing from the Gorgon's neck as Gabby proceeded to cut off its head.
With hearing Jacqui in distress Toby moved and found the serpents head, not much to say after that as Toby made a quick beheading of the Serpent.
Gabby threw the head of the Gorgon as far as she could, so the others may be able to full use their sense of sight. Quickly Faith rushed to Gabby's side and did her best to draw out as much of the poison from the Asps as she could.
Jacqui found some local flora and made a brew and gave it to Gabby. "Ugh no way I want to drink anything from that witch" Gabby said, it might be poisonous.
"You are right it is poison, poison to fight poison, sort of like fight fire with fire" Jacqui stated matter of fact "Either that or you die a lot faster", Jacqui's face showed great concern.
"I sense that Jacqui only has are best interest at heart, I believe she really means well, please drink" Faith implored. With that Gabby drank the brew, and entered into a deep slumber.
It was now that Toby was getting very agitated as he now hauling a stone statue and girl who no longer able to walk. But with enough effort they be at Utooli's hovel in a day or so. To the groups surprise it was rather smooth 30 hours till they reached Utooli's hovel, and in that time Faith and Jacqui talked about boys mostly, but Faith had many other questions she wanted answered.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Utooli's Hovel
Rosalia flew into Utooli's courtyard and with her hands full, she kicked the tall door to the large hovel gently. The hovel looked more like trees that branches where grafted together to form arches, large and very heavy stones for the lower walls carefully crafted to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
"Who has come to my abode?" The voice from within said sweetly.
"It is me, Rosalia and I have brought someone who needs your healing arts" With that the door opened.
"Ah dear Rosalia it been a while since I last saw you, Pandora and Chloe" Utooli making nice conversation "Who ... a human? What happen to her, quick put her on the bed in the guest room".
"She has eggs from a Lumadun Eltxo in her brain" Rosalia said a little unsure.
"Hmm hole in forehead" With that said Utooli smeared some liquid with the pink and violet goo from Amelia's wound "It turned white, Yes indeed Lumadun Eltxo, This will take a potent elixir to cure this, not sure what it will do to something as frail as a human thou". Utooli proceeded to brew the elixir and some concoction to help bring down the swelling of Amelia's brain and fever.
Rosalia applied a concoction to Amelia head and body to help with the swelling and help cool down Amelia's body temperature. "What about the hole in the head should it not be covered up?"
"No I making a shunt to help with the fluids to have easy egress out of her brain fluid if need be" Utooli said firmly "But I will place a Bindi to cover up the shunt", "But as for you Rosalia I will need some of your blood to help her with Devils Fever she is also suffering from"
Rosalia sighed as she gave some of her blood to Utooli "The rest of the humans are coming here, Toby leading the way".
With that said Utooli drew some more blood and smiled. "What are humans doing in hell before they die?"
"Well they had with them a young witch that vaguely looked like she had some family resemblance to Professor Ebonheart and she owes me a Witch's Boon" Rosalia stated proudly.
"Well the boon is only as good as witch is alive to keep it" Utooli retorted "Go fetch Professor Ebonheart, we might be needing some of his expertise as I am sure he will want to know more details on how these humans got here or for that matter finding their statues in the valley below if they not show up in day or two".
"Ok I will play errand succubus, but I tell you Chloe's good nature is corrupting me" and with that Rosalia flew off to Tartarus Academy.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Amelia's Surprise
A day passes and Amelia wakes up from her coma "Shriek!" Amelia immediately backs up against the wall the bed rest against.
"I have helped you child, I mean you no harm, I cured you of the eggs that was in your brain from the foul creature that drilled that hole in your head" Utooli trying her best to use a soothing voice. "But the cure came with a price, it was so strong it killed off all your hair follicles, I am afraid you be bald forever".
Before Amelia stood an Ogress of a woman with black skin, hair and sclera and iris crimson red. She feels her scalp not a fiber of hair to be found.
"Do not feel fear, you are safe here, I be a bad host if I not abide by the rules of Hospitality" Utooli said seeking to put the young human girl at ease. "Besides it be just a day or so before your friends arrive"
"My friends!" Amelia already felt her fear subsiding, after all the Ogress had her dead to right and could be feasting on her flesh but instead was making polite conversation. "Oh I should make myself presentable, my friends will be tired and likely hurt, and I would very much like to tend to them when they come"
Utooli's hovel has a small creek that feeds a small waterfall thru her home that functions as a shower, water slightly chilly the goat soap was scented like lavenders. When she finished getting dried off she saw a beautiful toga white and turquoise in color just asking to be put on. Also present was some bronze jewelry, nothing expensive just fun to wear for her to adorn herself with. Even some makeup, and the turquoise eye shadow look pleasant. She then left the showering area.
"Well you look like a princess" Utooli very much pleased that her guest took up her hospitality. "Only if the rest of your friends will be kindly disposed to my hospitality I will be ever grateful, care for some refreshments? I can use some good company".
"Sure!" said Amelia "What kind of monster are you?"
"I am a Black Annis" Utooli explained. "Not all humans are nice, nor are all monsters evil"
"I am sorry, did not mean that in a bad way" Amelia apologized, Utooli only smiled. It took about another hour for Amelia to put behind her fear/hatred of monsters and just enjoy the company of a 10½ foot tall black skin ogress.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Jacqui, Faith and Toby approached Utooli's hovel and just outside was a huge cauldron, what passes for a garden of sorts, and fruit tree with some strange fruit hanging from it.
Toby bellowed, he done his nice deed for the next whenever.
"I be expecting something more frightening then this" said Faith. With that no more out her mouth, Amelia opened the 12 foot tall door smiling to see some of her friends made it alive to Utooli's hovel.
"Please be welcome to Utooli's humble abode, she has been ever the kind hostess" Amelia said with most pleasant of voice, "Oh no what happen to Gabby and Tiffany?"
"Jacqui placed Gabby into a deep coma in hopes to save her and Tiffany been turned to stone by a Gorgon". Faith stated.
"Well are hostess is a ogress so please be kind" Amelia was pleading with her friends.
Utooli stepped out from the house, naturally both Jacqui and Faith took a step backwards "I can help you with your petrified friend and place her into the hovel so she not collect any more dirt or bird droppings" Utooli said "Please come on in and make yourselves at home"
"I can give you two a serum made from Succubus blood, but afraid you will look like succubus it came from for about 8 hours" Utooli stated as she was looking at both Faith and Gabby "It will get rid of the Devils Fever you two have"
Faith already feeling the strain of both blood loss and the fever was looking for anything to make her feel better. "Very well give me the serum ... and if you have spinach and liver and orange juice that would make a good meal"
"Good thing that spinach grows well here, and I do have an orange tree in my green house, and just about everything has a liver" Chuckled Utooli. "Well that settles what we are having for dinner", Faith laughed
"What so funny little one?" Utooli inquired?
"Oh it a good thing that Tiffany is a statue, she hates liver and spinach"
"Hmmm well as soon as are other guest arrive your statue of a friend may yet get to enjoy the liver and spinach surprise"
One shot latter and Faith was looking in the mirror of the new her for the next 8 hours "Do you have any healing spells/potion/lotions for restoring my leg?"
"Not I dear" replied Utooli "Are other guess might thou. So shower up and be free to enjoy some of the nick nacks I have to offer".
When Faith came out she had a White and Red toga with beautiful embroidering. "Can I keep this when we leave" Faith asked after all she only has the burned and worn torn cloths she been wearing. Jacqui now took her turn to freshen up.
"Of course you can" Utooli replied "But your other friend not doing well her blood is rejecting the succubus blood, and the anti-venom to combat the Gorgon poison"
"Will she live?" Faith asked very worried for Gabby as already her face was turning purple and what look like blood veins look like black roots streaking across her swollen skin.
KNOCK, Knock... came from the door. "Let me answer the door" Utooli said "Are guest be better mood to see a friendly face before meeting you all" ... the girls hear "Place your broom in the broom closet and please come this way, we are having Liver and Spinach for dinner".
"Yummy my dear, your cooking is the best, my oh my you collecting statues from the Valley below now?" A deep male voice stated.
"Oh heaven no, that one of are guest, she just feeling a bit ridged, can you help her feel more at home?" Utooli smirked.
"Well since you put it that way ... why of course" Professor Ebonheart enchants a spell and Tiffany's body begins to move.
Sniff, sniff ... "Blehh is that liver and spinach I smell" Tiffany speaks out before she can fully see what is happening around her.
"This way my Hero" comes Amelia's happy voice directing Tiffany to be the next to shower "I will catch you up to speed since you got stoned, and oh I have to give you a inoculation to Devils Fever as well"

"Well a room with double of one of my favorite student" Professor Ebonheart looking at both Faith and Tiffany. Tiffany wearing a white and orange toga. "Your other friend now in stasis, but afraid I have no cure for her"
"What can we do for her" Faith asked.
"Well you can beseech the gods for intervention ... or ... give her a beautiful funeral" Ebonheart stated "My condolences for your friend".
Faith was thinking of anything that could save her friend Gabby "Could you do a ritual or something to save her"?
"Well that would require a coven and I just a warlock" Professor Ebonheart stated rather quietly "I would need two more and even then we be invoking Hekate herself to appear".
"Ooo Ooo I am a witch I can help with the summoning!" Jacqui chirped in.
"Why my dear you are the most beautiful witch indeed" Professor Ebonheart chimed in with a big smile.
"Not so fast Casanova Ebonheart, I have done a divination and that is your daughter" Utooli blurted out.
"Awkward!" exclaimed Professor Ebonheart "What is your name child?"
"Jacqui Brightmoon!" she said with a smile.
"Ah, I was very fond of your mother how is she?" Professor Ebonheart enquired.
"She died in child birth" Jacqui replied with a bit of sadness "I was raised by my grandparents"
"I am sadden by your mothers passing I was wondering why I could not find her when I returned to overworld" Professor Ebonheart expressing his deepest sympathy "I apologize now for not even thinking to the fact your mother was pregnant with you my child."
Jacqui was all smiles, she now had a father she always wanted and he is Warlock as well! Wait till Melissa finds out!
"That just leaves us with Utooli up to a challenge ..." Professor Ebonheart was cut short by Jacqui.
"But she not a witch she is a Black Annis" Jacqui looking rather proud of her new found knowledge.
"... as I was saying Utooli heritage is nearly as old as witchcraft" He exclaimed "Provided her old bones are up to dancing naked in the pale moon light? She should suffice as the third witch"
"Ooo this be so educational" remarked Amelia "What?" looking at her friends "It one thing to read about another to see it"
Faith smirked, yes it be nice to see what they only read about.
"But ..." Professor Ebonheart interject "Everyone in attendance will need to be naked and dance".
"But I not able to dance" Faith showing her only one leg.
"Well that not a good excuse" Professor Ebonheart exclaimed "Well a blood transfusion with a true witch, a healing spell and that leg will be good as new!" Professor Ebonheart smiled.
After determining that Faiths and Jacqui's blood are compatible the blood transfusion begins and spell invoked. To the girls surprise Faith right leg below knee cap is a nice hazel brown in color just like Jacqui's skin.
"We all good with dancing now?" Professor asked?
Amelia, Faith and Tiffany all blushed. All agreed they not have another option.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Dark Moon
The next morning came and Gabby vital signs are even worst then night before, all the girls felt the urgency to save her even if it meant being naked and summoning Hekate herself. The evening before each learned the dance as best they could.
Floating above the cauldron was the naked body of Gabby still and nearly lifeless. Rest of the girls and professor have adorned themselves with symbols of the moon in body paint. Slowly Jacqui, Professor and Utooli begin to dance and chant.

♥ "Darkness Beyond Twilight"
♥ "Crimson beyond blood that flows"
♥ "Buried in the flow of Time"
♥ "In Thy great name I pledge myself to Darkness"

Utooli adds pixie dust ... Fooooooooooommm ... Out from flames of the Cauldron appears Hekate full of power and glory "Daughters! May those that have wrong you beware my wraith -- OH ... I did not put this coven together, what do you my daughters and ... son ... do you want?"
"I plead for my friend's life oh mighty Hekate and that you restore her to full health" Jacqui quick to be the spokes person for the impromptu coven.
"Well at least it not the wrong color of Lip Gloss." Hekate smiled "But restore her to full health? Why? She a slayer and hates you"
"Cause I love my friends and she my friend, even if she hates me" Jacqui replied.
"Hut-Tut-Tut-Tut-Tut!" Hekate says aloud "You know how this works! I'm not one of those Attention-Whore Genies! You need my help, you offer some tribute first!"
With that Jacqui gathers what she could from the girls, Utooli and her father and presents them to Hekate for her perusal "Well this rather lame as far as tribute goes for such a favor asked"
"Please" Jacqui says with tears in her eyes and soon rest of the girls are in tears.
"Oh hush your tears" Hekate says "It my will that she will be reborn!"
With black rain pouring from the sky, the floating body of Gabby moves into a fetal position slowly a egg shape glow forms around Gabby and then it becomes solid black egg and Gabby within not seen.
"Well I have to get going, tell Chastity she is most exquisite dress designer!" Hecate grinned "Ta-ta!" with that Hecate faded from view, with a black toga left behind floating to the ground "The black toga is for Gabrielle" Hecate's voice resounded in the air "My gift for her, for her first day as a monster ... Bhahahaha"
"What have we done" Exclaimed Faith.

CRACKLE ... the egg begins to break, and slowly it opens to reveal the new Gabrielle. First thing to draw the eyes of her fellow school mates is that she has black scaled snakes instead of hair on top of her head (many of them), second noticeable is black sclera and vivid crystal light blue iris. Even her movement of her spine was more flexible, like a snake.
Opening her eyes "Why you all looking at me like that" Gabrielle looking at each of her friends and they in turn looking at her forked tongue. Gabrielle looking at Jacqui ... "You always have mirror ... give to me I want to see what you all staring at"
Jacqui hands Gabrielle her compact and she proceeds to look at herself "Je suis un monstre de serpent!" falling to her knees Gabrielle beings to sob. Then as sudden as her tears flowed they stopped and her head jerked up and looked straight at Jacqui "It all your fault" ... with movement faster then the eye Gabrielle was punching, kicking and trying to kill Jacqui as quickly as she could.
It was the speed of lightning that Faith intervened that kept Jacqui from suffering more then a few scratches and bruises. "We ... All of us ... wanted you to live Gabby" Faith voice succeeding as it has done many a times to sooth others. "We need you, if we are to return home".
"But what about me? What home do I have to return too? Artemis Academy will kill me" Gabrielle cried out "You should have just let me die".
"We all been thru much in the last four days, and well still need to rescue Callista if she still alive" Faith trying her best to keep all of them focused on surviving an Odyssey they been thrust into the heart of Hell all because of Cerise Darkshade, a very wicked witch.
"We have to get Callista back" Gabrielle choking on tears "But I have a favor, once we back in the overworld, I like for one of you to kill me so I not have to live with this shame".
The girls all remained silent.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
Living Canvas
The remainder of the day was spent waiting as Utooli and Professor Ebonheart scrying and divining where Callista was. It was lunch time and Utooli then switch to helping prepare lunch and other girls got Gabrielle all beautiful (despite her snake like features).
"Well seems only two of are number have not suffered much for the wear" as Gabrielle stared at both Jacqui and Tiffany "Bald looks good on you Amelia"
"Thanks" Amelia replied "When I return I not planning on wearing any wig, going to tough it out"
The deep voice of Professor Ebonheart "Ahem, I have found your friend Callista and she is in the clutches of Lord Ipotane as he likes to be referred to himself as"
"Well tell us where she it and we go rescue her ... Now!" As Gabrielle got into the Professor's face.
"No need to be so forceful, but thinking of small strike force that can travel fast by air" Professor said "One that can go in quickly and be out quick, preferably with no human in that force, so thinking myself, Jacqui and Gabrielle"
"Well you are stupid, I not able to fly" Gabrielle stated.
Professor "Well I have an extra flying broom that my daughter can use and we fly quickly for the rescue, extra space on my broom will be for Callista, anyways we not have much time if he completes his masterpiece of tattooing he will skin your friend Callista alive, leave her for dead and display her skin as art"
Rest of the girls look all shocked "Once we rescue her she will need to go thru many corrective lazar procedure to get rid of the tattoos" Faith said to try to down play the horror that Callista must be going thru.
"It not that simple those are magical ink, it retains its fresh colors and nearly impossible to remove" Professor Ebonheart said sternly "So we need to leave now".

It took a little time for Gabrielle to get use to the idea of flying on a broom, but after awhile it was really fun, then she reminded herself she a slayer and should not get too comfortable with the idea traveling with witches and warlocks. She was told their cover story was to look at Lord Ipotane's works of art both what he has produced and what he currently working on as they looking for art for the Tartarus Academy this way they would be able to more quickly find exactly where Callista was.
As they approached Lord Ipotane's compound it not laid out like any typical castle, more like a big mound with many big thick trees in a great circle with rocks interlocking with each other and bound into the great trees. Proper etiquette is to land and then approach the gate rather then fly over into the compound. As Professor, Jacqui and Gabriella approached the guards, each a fierce looking demons, demanded they identify themselves.
"I am Professor Ebonheart of the Tartarus Academy, looking to buy some art and perhaps some suitable servants" The guards looked at a list and then let the Professor and girls pass. Another group approached to escort them to the top to the château then into the Lord's studio, and there the girls saw Callista naked and being tattooed by the Lord who visage was that of a handsome man except he had hindquarters, legs, tail, and ears of a horse.
"Professor Ebonheart it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance" Lord Ipotane smiled "I am glad you would consider some of my work for such an esteem establishment as the Tartarus Academy, you honor me!"
Callista looking toward the visitors as they represented a reprieve from this crazy demon lord from marring her further and the pain of the needles, then she saw that one of the visitors was Jacqui. A look of hope flushed into Cerise's face. Gabrielle's snake became very active at seeing Callista still alive.
"Lord Ipotane, my what a beautiful piece of work you have created here!" Professor pointed to Callista.
"Well I not yet finish with her yet, comeback another week and we can talk about the canvas once it properly removed and presented" Lord Ipotane said proudly.
"What your work stands out more when sweat glistens off the skin of a living canvas, I will take her now as she stand, for 1,000 Drachma" Professor offering a generous price.
"With all due respect Professor while that a very generous offer, it is rare I get such beautiful and delicate skin to work with" Lord Ipotane looking very proud of such a fine living canvas.
"Her name is Callista, not canvas" Gabrielle looking on verge of losing herself in violence.
Lord Ipotane looked alarmed. But the Professor with reassuring voice "I was looking for my servant Callista and was looking to have her return to her duties as huntsmen for the school but she never returned and it been nearly a week" Professor was pouring on the charm as best he could muster "So figure Drachma speak louder then threats or blustering".
That put Lord Ipotane at ease. "Ah I see, well that would certainly explain her deadliness with her bow and arrows" the lord paused "Are you sure I cannot keep her another week so I can finish the master piece, I promise to keep her alive for you, I would even consider reduction in price to 900 Drachma and she would then be the most beautiful piece of art the Academy ever gazed upon!"
Seeing the Gabrielle getting very riled the Professor stated "I am afraid not, but as I am taking from you such a fine canvas I am sure I can throw another 500 Drachma to purchase other of your works sight unseen knowing you will only choose your best for the school and requiring the bow and arrows as they do belong to the Academy"
"Yes, yes" Lord Ipotane not wanting to upset one of the Academy's predominate Professors, especially one that can cast a curse on someone from afar.
With that Lord Ipotane released Callista "It was nice to have you as a canvas" Callista gave the Lord a finger. Lord Ipotane just laughed and permitted his guest to leave by flight from within his compound.
"That went smoothly" Professor stated.
"Other then Jacqui, who the hell are you two?" Callista upset but grateful to no longer being a prisoner to some crazy demon lord.
"Well the professor is my father" Jacqui chirped in "And gorgon lady is Gabrielle transformed into a cryptid"
"Remind me to put two into Cerise's coconut when we get back home" Callista said angrily.
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Re: Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks/Dangerously Chloe fanfics

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My apology if I not post much in the next two days as I spend them with my gaming group. About 5 days have passed in story and time in Hell moves at a different rate then the EC/DC/MC Universe. I am positive that Dave has a much better story then what I been writing up for 6 missing girls, it been 6 months (real time) since we seen any of the girls so I felt I needed to write this more for myself and share it with others in case anyone else also starving for Tiffany or Jacqui or even the other other 4 girls. :-bd

Tartarus Trek
Sciron & Tristan
In Hell every creature and person one came across is a monster, Faith thought, she could see that fighting every creature and person they came across would only weaken there numbers and see many of her friends dead. Not to mention coming to blows with the ferry man. Also thinking that maybe having a witch's leg is affecting her thinking. Also worth noting is that Tiffany, with each creature she kills, the sadder she seems, perhaps the life of a slayer not really for her. Faith wrote these words in a book given to her by Utooli to keep as her diary. She also drew some of the creatures they came across in their trek thru Hell. Faith closed her book when she heard giggling and flapping of wings.... Succubi.
Rosalia landed first "Hey Girls, brought my friend Elouise and some party favors and treats!"
Tiffany and Amelia came out to see the succubi show up with a boombox, CDs, tasty treats and a little bird cage with two dolls ... that talked?
"Hey this not funny" Tristan stated "The Academy is dangerous enough but you brought us outside?"
"What peculiar little dolls you are" Faith stated.
"We not dolls we are guys shrunk to doll size" Sciron stated, his skin a dark green and very thick curly jet black hair.
"Well you are of cryptid heritage" Amelia interjected "Just what are you?"
Sciron laughed and in doing so showed off blue-black tongue and piercing "Troll" he said proudly. "I am the practice boy toy for the Succubi in how to feed off men, cause of my awesome constitution" Sciron snickered.
"That is awful" Said Tiffany who was not taking very well to being in Hell.
"Tell me about that" Tristan said as he was being released from his cage and growing to full size "They keep me around for my music and poetry ... and other lessons".
Tristan was dressed in see thru silks and lace, very feminine like while Sciron wore just a metal scale loincloth and had a few tribal tattoos for decoration and just a days worth of facial hair. Sciron was released from the cage as well and grew to his full size.
"How did you two ever get stuck with being captives of the Succubi?" Tiffany asked.
"Family tradition" Sciron stated rather proudly "The school needs male with very strong constitution and well us Trolls excel at that!"
Amelia looked at Tristan "What about you?"
Tristan looked dumbfounded "I told some snit of a little girl called Tia Darkness I rather go to Hell then have anything to do with her, she then said wish granted, next thing I know I am surrounded by Succubi"
Amelia, Faith and Tiffany in unison "That is Awful!"
Amelia grabbed both Tiffany and Tristan's arm and had each other touch for a moment "You two dance".
Faith to Amelia "Why did you do that?"
Amelia "Even I can see how shaken Tiffany is here in Hell, it one thing to be a slayer and hunting down monsters that hide from you, it another to be in a playground with nothing but monsters all around you, she needs to get her mind off of all this crazy even if it for a few hours".
Sciron and Elouise doing the dirty dancing routine, well Faith thought it nice to have at least some earthly music playing so the succubi must have at least some access to earthly goods .... cosmetics as well.
"The one thing succubus love to do is make girls pretty" Came Elouise's voice talking to Faith, "I think a make over is long over due for you, I am thinking bold undercut hairstyle for you"
Faith looked up trying her best to avoid looking shocked "I have you know, I am perfect the way I am"
Elouise started to giggle "You really good at lying, you know you want a new look, after all you living very dangerously right now, may never have another chance"
Faith looked around to engage someone else for a distraction, but everyone already engaged in something fun, Amelia taking kissing lessons from Rosalia, and Utooli laughing as Sciron was eating ... Ew ... Faith looked at Elouise who was grinning like a cat that ate a mouse "Alright lets see the new me".

About an hour pass and Callista, Gabby, Jacqui and Professor flew into the courtyard. It took all about 6 seconds for Jacqui to find the boys and start enjoying the music. Tiffany and Tristan talking on stone that served as a bench. The others seeing the professor return started to break out the wooden plates and enjoying some food, something that looked like flat bread and what passes for hamburger meat. Before Tristan and Tiffany got up to gets some food, Tristan gave Tiffany a kiss ... Tiffany started to cry and then wiped away her tears as she and Tristan headed to table to eat with the others.

Professor was first to speak at the table "Well young man I not seen you around at the Academy so where did you come from?" Directing his question to Tristan.
"I am from the Apollo Academy, across the street from Artemis Academy where these other girls are from"
"Aha" said Professor Ebonheart "And how is it that you are here?"
"Well I was sent to Hell by Tia Darkness and arrived at Tartarus Academy about three months ago" Tristan answered and then continued "Chloe, Elouise, Pandora and Rosalia all share the same room and hid me there for my safety, they even made me fake little horns and dress me as a girl"
"Well those naughty little succubi" The Professor stating that rather proudly "May have very well saved your life"
"So you walked the halls posing as a succubus?" The Professor asked.
"Yes" Tristan answered "Good thing I am thin, would never imagine cross dressing back at Apollo Academy" Tristan blushing but hard to tell with the make up he was wearing.
"But they did break me of my shyness" Tristan added quickly.
"Well it sounds like those girls deserve extra credit this semester" The Professor chuckled. "But perhaps it best you return with the girls of Artemis Academy to the over world"
"Aw" both Elouise and Rosalia both chirp in "Please can we keep him?"

"Professor since semester is ending and my leave of school ending I thinking I like to go overworld as well" Sciron adding to the conversation "My younger brother will replace me anyways at school as the new boy toy, and these Artemis Academy students could use a chew toy to intercede between them and vile monsters".
"I will terminate your employment with the Academy as soon as I return" Professor assured Sciron, after all more that travel to the overworld greater chance his daughter is returned safely home.
"Gabby got me up to speed on what been happening, all except your new look Faith" Callista looking inquisitive at her best friend "It really fits you, naughty and bold"
Rest of the girls looked at nearly shaved sides of Faith head and long purple hair on top combed to blunt bangs just above her eyes with dark smoky eye shadow.
"Think we all should have a new look before leaving Utooli's hospitality and returning home ... that includes you two" Faith looking at both Jacqui and Tiffany.
Rest of the girls, including the sucubbi all said "Yeah!" in unison.

Faith's Diary: Jacqui hair was straightened long and blonde and Tiffany hair now half blue and half pink. We leave tomorrow, Utooli will accompany us for a little bit as she collects some herbs and other stuff she needing, so guess we will help her. Utooli said when we done we be at another's home who will help us a bit at her request. Then she will part company with us. Toby ate up the scraps that not eaten for lunch or dinner, he makes a great garbage disposal. Oh the Professor said his goodbyes to his daughter Jacqui and left before dinner with the succubi back to Tartarus Academy, leaving her a magical broom to fly with that immune to fire. It is good to have the gang all together again, Elouise even took a pic of us together with are new looks and printed it out for us, one to each of us.
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Tartarus Trek

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Tartarus Trek
A roar of dragon far away awoke the girls, each took a shower preparing for travel. Amelia looking a little sad as she called this home for a few days, each had cockatrice eggs for breakfast, the shells a like trying to break stone to open it not like they can turn anyone to stone. Spare a knife from her cutlery for each of the girls, except Tiffany who had her sword and Callista her bow and arrows.
"I wish I had my guns" Tristan said, looking a bit dejected looking at a knife.
"So what your specialty at Apollo?" Callista inquired.
"I would be Combat Corps, and yes I know hand to hand combat, but feel better with my guns" Tristan sighed "But no amount of hand to hand works against four succubi who really want to get to know you" offering more information then was asked for.
"You and Tiffany an item now?" Faith asked
Tiffany blushing "He was comforting me"
"I am happy for you Tiff" Amelia reassuring Tiffany.
Tristan "You have someone special at home Faith?"
"Yes, Ash" Faith replied "I was asking so the other girls know their boundaries"
"But I was surprised that Jacqui kept her hands to herself, you have someone special Jacqui at home?" Faith asked.
Jacqui playing it cool "Every boy fair game" *giggle*
Sciron was last to show up for breakfast "Nice to finally not have to share a bed with a Succubus, been ages" and immediately began to chow down what would feed at least 4 grown men.
Utooli ate what amounted to the combine amount that was put on the plate of the girls and boys, then the rest she gave Toby "The path is relatively safe between here and Imbrus's Homestead" Utooli chimed in. So we are just picking berries, herbs and such on the way, so I am sending Toby on his way otherwise he will get spoiled eating me out of house and home, and just what is a Baconator anyways he keeps asking for?"
The girls and Tristan all laughed, and with that they all cleaned up the dishes and proceeded to leave Utooli's Hovel.

All proceeded nicely, it was 6 hours after leaving the group rounded a corner to find a 24 foot long dragon in it path. "Tribute of a maiden to pass" It spoke broken English.
"Scorba mind your manners, these are mighty slayers you will only get yourself killed, be off with you" Utooli stated sternly.
"Stop protecting small ones Utooli, I have grown much, maybe soon I will eat you" Scorba announced.
Utooli looked angry, how dare it threaten me, and then she sat down on a large petrified stump "Well girls you looking at your next meal, kill it and are next guest will be grateful for Dragon Steak"
Scorba breath deep and fire spewed from its mouth in a mighty cone effect, Faith and Gabby flash step out of the way, Tristan moved toward the gout of fire and over it stabbing at the head of the dragon, Tiffany grabbed Amelia, Callista and Sciron to moved them out of harms way, and fire passed harmlessly thru Jacqui as she not even where the dragon thought she should be, and Utooli well she not even a bit scorched by the blast. Before the dragon could yet acted again she saw pink sky with golden clouds and only Faith standing in front of her.
"Do not fear death, you are already dying, please spend that last second of your life with me" Faith calm and soothing voice seeking to help the dragon die peacefully.
"What do you mean dying?" It lunged to bite Faith, but with but a touch of tip of her fingers the dragon could not even move to snap at Faith's head "What manner of magic is this?"
Then Scorba could feel her blood leaving her body, the icy hand of death "How?"
Faith cradled the Dragons mind and sang it lullaby as it drifted into death's embrace.
The rest of girls and boys quickly made mince meat out of Dragon that not able to do much to defend itself. It really was no fight at all.
"Well that will make a many of meals and some fine steak" Utooli said matter of fact. "Scorba should have heeded my warning"
It took time for them to gather both meat and hide from Scorba's carcass and arrived a bit latter that day at the Imbrus's Homestead.

"Well what have we here" A tall but elderly man looked on as Utooli and the girls and guys approached his humble home.
"We offer you dragon steak and other fine cuts of Scorba the dragoness" Utooli smiled.
"Well get it in here and my wife Evippe will add it to the cooler" Imbrus looked impressed "It been a while since you took down a dragon by yourself Utooli"
"Oh, it not I that killed the dragoness but these young ones, they are mighty slayers" Utooli looking proud at the children.
"If they can do this then little they could not do if they put there mind to it" Imbrus stated "We will feast well tonight!"
Evippe asked "Utooli are you staying the evening, you know you are welcome"
"That I will be, and the children too if you not mind" Utooli asking for hospitality for the children.
"Naturally" Evippe "They after all brought the main course"
"Human slayers, we not see much of those around these parts in like hundred of years or so" Imbrus noted "Are they heading some place into Hell or out of Hell?"
"We are seeking are way home" Faith chimed into the conversation.
"Hmmm, it one thing to deal with single dragon but a large pack of Hounds of Cerberus is another matter altogether" Imbrus noted "They are immune to the even powerful Espers because each has three heads and they keep anything from leaving Hell"
Faith could see that as a problem as she no more then shuts down one mind and the other two are quite active and mauling her with there great teeth, she rubbed her right leg below the knee.
"I am sure Utooli brought you here for me to give you a Ferryman's Horn to summon him and that I will do for you, I only ask that you not take it to the Overworld, I do dislike crafting those" Imbrus stated "But once you blow the horn the Ferryman not arrive immediately, but the Hound of Cerberus will and they will seek to kill you all then eat you flesh and bone till you nothing but wraiths"
"Stop scaring the children" Evippe insisted "Perhaps they might just consider staying here with us and not face such a terrible fate".
"Even then they have only an Esper or two, kitchen knives, a bow and arrow, a sword, no armor and a Witch?" Imbrus looked inquisitively "Not known slayers to travel with cryptids".
"One of the cryptids was once human but became one due to Hekate, and the other has grown on us, we like her cheerfulness" Faith explained.
"Well that makes sense it not the first time some mortal slayer became a cryptid because the Gods took disfavor on that individual" Imbrus mused "But you all will need better armor and weapons if you are to fight the Hound of Cerberus and expect to survive"
"I have a few weapons, not really sharp enough to battle the hounds, but between that and the dragons hide if you stay a few days I can make some decent armor for you all" Imbrus got that twinkle in his eye "Been ages since I really made anything decent beside cutlery"
"Do not get him talking about the good old days, he will talk your ears off" Evippe gave a scolding look at her husband.
"Oh hush woman, We have mighty slayers in are midst!" Imbrus smiled.
The boys, girls and Utooli all laughed.
"Once you have a few better weapons and armor, I will give you map where to find some fine wine, mind you the Cyclops not likely want to give it to you even for payment, just take it from them" Imbrus making conversation "Then you will need to find the Bronze Anvil of Heaven and too it chained Tityos the Titan"
After dinner everyone belly full, all went to rest. The next morning Utooli bid her farewell to the children as she now must head home. Faith and group spent days waiting for better weapons and armor and helping around the homestead of Imbrus and his wife Evippe.
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