11-01-12 Is Blair the key

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Re: 11-01-12 Is Blair the key

Post by Thor »

We've already seen Nina as a boy, that's old news. Besides, out of all the gender-bendings, Nina was the least freaked out by the whole thing. Boy-Chloe (with inevitable stupid forum name "Joey") would be something newish at least.

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Re: 11-01-12 Is Blair the key

Post by Ophelianime »

yeah I liked her better as a boy
that's why I wanna see it again
i think it'd be interesting

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Re: 11-01-12 Is Blair the key

Post by 'J' »

actually, from the ones we saw, nina was kind of the most interesting one, what with the non-specific teenaged male anger/desire to break things, and noticing brooke's hips and all. while a long term change would probably stray a bit too far from one of the core characters, i think that was something that could definitely have been explored in some more detail.

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